“Awino” by Kenyan Rumba star Johnny Junior hits 1 million views on YouTube

Kenyan Rumba star Johnny Junior sings his heart out in “Awino” dedicated to his wife

“Awino”, the latest love song by Kenya’s Rumba musician Johnny Junior has hit 1 million views on YouTube.

The song which was released on 9th September 2020 has been highly appreciated by Johnny Junio’s fans, watching it repeatedly and posting very positive comments.

“Awino” is an emotionally packed love song Johnny Junior composed for his wife who goes by the same name. This is the third song he has composed in praise of his wife.

Here are some of the comments Johnny Junior’s fans have made on “Awino” track.

Pamela Adhiambo: “JJ you never disappoint. Those of us from Gem feel so much lifted when our Sister Awino is being praised with a lot of passion like that. Keep it up Nyamama.”

Atanas Juma: “Can’t stop listening to this. .ati kinda gawino kidonje to dongidiwo…this part kills me I cannot get enough of this lyric I swear…big up”

Maryline Nandoli: “I wish you knew how many dead relationships you have revived with this hit including my own!!So far the best song, best video. Good job”

Chris Onderi: “I wish I could understand what this guy is singing but I can’t stop listening and watching this song over and over again. The song seems romantic. I am requesting John Junior to put English translations for his subsequent songs so that we can have full connection with his songs. Jakisii in the house!”

Written by meltingpot

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