Why we should stop killing future relationships

Healthy relationships: The older generation is responsible for creating an environment that encourages and promotes love despite the setbacks faced

A few weeks ago while scrolling through my Twitter feed, my attention was drawn to a certain YouTube podcast video. In the video titled ‘Teenage girls afraid of being in love, the female host appeared visibly shocked at the remarks of two of her female guests aged 19. The girls claimed they were tired of relationships and would not consider dating in the future. A thought shared by many of their peers. Quite a bold stance to adopt for teenagers who are just getting warmed up for adult life if you ask me. Why are our teenagers having such thoughts? Could they have already acquired the experience and knowledge to make constructive arguments about relationships?

It’s not a secret that many within society have negative perceptions about relationships. People are afraid of dating and have managed to convince themselves there lies no importance in walking into relationships. This trend is evident in multiple posts that are shared by people across different social media platforms. The use of memes is a common way of packaging such information. The shared messages usually tend to paint relationships in a bad light. This information is what is fed into the mind of the young population. Without proper guidance, the youth adopt this negative mindset and use it when tackling their future endeavors. Kids mirror society and consume information circulating within their circles. If the situation is not corrected we’re left with a future that promises to be full of bitter and disgruntled adults unable to express love even to their neighbors. How then can society be responsible and help tame the minds of the youth especially on such topics?


Through education, we can help teens to avoid developing wrong attitudes about their life choices. Children need the truth about issues that will affect them in life. There is no rose without a thorn. The older population should step up and inform the young population about the ugly side of relationships. They ought to know about heartbreaks and how it affects each party. Teenagers should be able to understand the magnitude of getting into relationships and maintaining them.

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Such an approach helps to prepare them mentally for handling a relationship with their significant other. Despite the negative associations that relationships are drawn with, they are a source of joy and happiness to many. Relationships work due to the effort and commitment put up by both couples. Relationships are essential for societal growth since it promotes love and it is the foundation on which marriages are built. Sharing this information steers a lot of positive thinking about relationships into the minds of teens. The older generation is responsible for creating an environment that encourages and promotes love despite the setbacks faced.

Written by meltingpot

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