Why married men cheat? 5 possible reasons

Men cheat in relationships for a variety of reasons

Why do men cheat? For many people, cheating is the biggest betrayal in a relationship. Cheating causes emotional pain to those affected and, it violates trust, which is usually hard to restore once broken. A person who cheats doesn’t value a committed relationship. This article focuses on cheating men and what prompts them to fall into the pit of infidelity.

However, it is essential to note that cheating is not gender-specific, and every party is equally as guilty when it comes to roaming around. Why? Because cheating is a choice and the final decision always lies with the individual. The extent to which a specific gender cheats is not accurately quantifiable, but I guess it’s a closely contested affair. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why men cheat in relationships.

Sexual Satisfaction

Men who aren’t sexually satisfied in their relationships tend to wander off to seek grazing pastures elsewhere. Several factors could be at play, such as sexual incompatibility and sexual manipulation. Sexually incompatible partners will always be left unsatisfied after their game time, and to feed their satisfaction, they resort to tactics such as masturbation and infidelity. Women who deny their spouses sex should not act surprised when their husbands outsource for the same services elsewhere.

Compulsive Sexual behavior

Commonly referred to as sexual addiction. Men suffering from this condition are not fully capable of controlling their sexual behavior. They are troubled with thoughts that hamper their ability to work and sustain relationships. Men suffering from compulsive sexual behavior tend to exhibit a pattern of failure to control intense sexual impulses, which leads them to fornication.

Lack of Emotional Intimacy

A relationship that lacks emotional intimacy is undoubtedly on its deathbed. Each individual usually yearns for emotional intimacy from their partner, which ignites the spark in relationships. A man missing out on this will seek to gain additional emotional connection by romping with other women. Such men cheat, intending to find validation that they lack in their relationship.

Sinking Relationship

It’s a regular occurrence for relationships to fade away once its spark dies off. Rather than admitting and calling it quits, partners may fail to acknowledge this fact and carry on with the ailing relationship. Both partners are susceptible to cheating in this situation, and it’s no surprise for men to try and link with other ladies between the sheets.

Quarrels and Misunderstandings

Relationships often, at times, undergo turbulent seasons. Couples may quarrel and disagree on specific issues, which results in them being on bad terms. During such periods, couples may give each other space and fail to meet for a while. Now’s the perfect opportunity for Brian to respond to Jane’s archived text and meet her at her place over coffee.

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As a society, cheating is a vice we have always struggled with, and it has seen the fall of many great relationships. Infidelity is a cunning character with many fingers; I hope it doesn’t knock on your doorstep soon.

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