Why loneliness is bad for your health

Long-term loneliness is associated with an increased risk of certain mental health problems

Loneliness does not simply mean that an individual is alone. Some people actually find it okay to be alone. It is not about how many people you have around or how many people you know.

You need strong relations with individuals around you so as not to feel lonely. Individuals with good connections with people around them tend to be healthier, more productive and happier, while those with poor connections may feel unhappy, secluded and misunderstood. This article today focuses on why loneliness is bad for your health.

Leads to high blood pressure

Your blood pressure has a high chance of rising if you are lonely for a period of more than three years. Apart from reasons such as diet, family background or age it has been determined that loneliness can also cause a rise in blood pressure.

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Psychological intelligence

Loneliness over time affects one’s mental sharpness by impacting their ability to solve problems or remembering things. It also increases the chances of other brain diseases due to its impact on the brain. One therefore needs to fight loneliness by forming close and strong bonds with people around them.

May affect your immune system

Prolonged feeling of loneliness may affect the body’s immune system making it harder for the body to fight sickness. It also triggers the generation of specific hormones that the body produces when one is under stress, which can affect one’s immune system; this can generally lead to conditions that might also affect one’s heart health.

It can lead to depression

Since loneliness affects both the mind and body, it may make you feel bad about life leading to depression, as confirmed by a study by Beutel, Manfred E., et al. “Loneliness in the general population: prevalence, determinants and relations to mental health.”

You should get help immediately you have symptoms of loneliness such as feeling hopeless, loss of appetite, sleep problems, loss of interest in things you used to enjoy or low energy.

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