Why do relationships fail? Here are the main reasons

Most relationships fail to blossom due to varying factors
Most relationships fail to blossom due to varying factors

Relationships fail for several reasons. Flower gardens can easily be compared to relationships. Just like flower gardens, relationships require a lot of time, effort and, commitment for them to blossom. Flowers are used in different settings to generate happiness, a vital element for any thriving relationship.

A simple scroll through social media can reveal to you the plight of many relationships. Heartbreaks, separations and divorce are the daily norms in our society. According to Psychology Today, 40% of married couples divorce. Why is this the case? Most relationships fail to blossom due to varying factors. Below are some common issues that contribute to most relationships’ death, and, you could be actively involved in its murder.

Trust Issues

Without trust, you lose two essential components that relationships are dependent on: Safety and security. Presence of mistrust can be manifested through jealousy, unreliability and possessiveness. Mistrust creates room for insecurity which plagues any working relationship. Lack of trust typically leads one to perform rush actions that hurt their relationship. You need to check whether your cause of mistrust is justified since it could be the reason you are an ‘ambassador’ of failed relationships.

Communication Problems

“Communication is the fuel that keeps the fire of your relationship burning; without it, your relationship goes cold.” – William Paisley. The presence of communication is what drives everything forward as intended. Any relationship that lacks communication will most definitely fail the test of time. With communication comes trust, and with trust comes stability in relationships. As a couple, you need to take time to understand your partner and find effective ways to communicate issues pertaining to your union.

Compatibility Issues

Without compatibility, relationships lack the ammunition to keep them firing. Research conducted by Pew Research Center revealed that 53% of adults aged above and below 40 years have difficulty dating due to differences in their related interests. Just like you select an outfit to match a particular occasion, relationships also require partners who match. You may differ with your partner in personality, spending habits, and intimacy needs. Ultimately this leads to your relationship falling apart.


Cheating is an unforgivable act for most couples. If you are the type who likes to jump into every train in a train station, you will not arrive at your intended destination. Infidelity leads to mistrust, and this is usually the final nail in the coffin for relationships. It may range from flirting to fornication, but cheating leads to betrayal, significantly impacting a couple’s bond.


Abuse is the regular ill-treatment of an individual. Relationships suffer from several types of abuse, such as sexual and, mental abuse. Relational abuse negatively affects an individual’s psychological and physical health, a factor that may prompt them to quit a relationship. No one enjoys working in a toxic environment, and soon they will seek work elsewhere.

To make your relationships work, you have to act like a dedicated gardener. Water your relationship and watch it blossom.

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