Things people do when they are attracted to you

If someone is prone to blushing whenever they are around you, it is a surefire sign that they like you

You may meet someone new, and they immediately catch your eye. You exchange contacts, and after holding talks and knowing them, you find that you’re attracted to them. However, you struggle to see if they like you back. Figuring this out can be difficult and confusing. With so many signals flying around, it’s hard to tell if it’s purely platonic or something more.

The good news is that certain hints can let you know if the feeling is mutual. Let’s take a look at some things people occasionally do when they are into you.


According to Tonya Reiman, a body language expert, mirroring involves matching someone’s behavior, whether their voice, words, or non-verbal cues. If you keenly watch couples while together, they sometimes mimic each other. When someone is into you, they adopt your mannerisms and begin to imitate you and vice versa. Mirroring is not mocking; it’s an unconscious act that occurs when someone tries to establish a rapport and genuinely understands you. It tells that a person is willing to understand and connect with you.

Mutual eye contact

Do you find yourself often having an eye to eye contact with your crush? They can’t seem to get their eyes off you. The love hormone oxytocin is responsible for increased eye contact. When someone is interested in you, they usually try to establish intimacy by holding eye contact. Maintaining eye contact also means that a person is paying attention to every word you say and is interested in engaging you. A study published on PubMed found that mutual eye contact increases the attraction between partners and feelings of love.

Leaning in

If you find that girl you’re eyeing always standing nearer to you than other people, then it may be a sign that she’s into you. They may shift a step closer when conversing with you. A person’s availability makes them more attractive. When you like someone, you wish for their availability, physically as well as emotionally. Our bodies react by giving out cues of how receptive a person is towards us. If a person is interested in you, they may lean in or tilt towards you. This happens naturally as compatibility increases.


Have you noticed her play with her hair or pick at her clothes when they’re around you? If she’s extra fidgety around you, the chances are that she likes you. People adopt certain ticks when they are nervous and also when they are interested in someone. They mostly do this as an anxiety coping mechanism, usually present during the early stages of attraction. So fidgeting during the first date is normal because it means the person is interested, excited, or nervous.

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Light touches

When someone is interested in you, they may constantly touch your arm lightly whenever you converse. They may even reach across the table to you. People often use touch to connect with others, which is why someone who is attracted to you behaves in such a manner. Regardless of how it is done, a person engages in physical touch to establish a level of intimacy and closeness. Touching serves as an indicator of how someone feels around you.


If someone is prone to blushing whenever they are around you, it is a surefire sign that they like you. The butterflies that stir whenever you see someone you love or are attracted to also cause a light blush to paint the cheeks. Blushing is caused by a rush of adrenaline which causes the facial capillaries to open up. The sympathetic nervous system then dilates the small blood vessels in one’s face, causing them to blush.

If you notice any of these signs with someone you’re attracted to, do not waste any further time. Go build that connection with them and thank me later.

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