Things every girl wants her boyfriend to do

Listening to her is one of the things every girl wants her boyfriend to do

Getting into a relationship is always amazing; people are usually on their best possible behavior, focused on making everything suitable. As time goes on, people typically get comfortable, after that becoming a bit lazy. During such times, men stop doing all the things they occasionally did to secure that pretty bird. During such a phase, relationships usually lack the spark and can lead to a fallout between couples. Your girl ends up talking to her other friends about you because you’re not doing things as well as you should. So, what are some of the things girls want you, men, to do better in relationships?

Listening and not solving problems

There are many instances when a woman tells her man something, and he immediately tries to solve and fix things. He starts giving her advice about how to go about things. Doing this pisses off ladies; she doesn’t want you always to solve problems. Men are guilty of doing this because they are always thinking about solving problems. However, many times, women want you to listen to them better; they want an outlet and offering a listening ear to them satisfies their heart.

Complementing her

Women usually want to feel beautiful; as a man, you can help her achieve this by appreciating any little effort she makes at appearing sexy and attractive. Women need feedback and positive reinforcement, and encouragement. Don’t wait for her to ask. Just deliver. It’s your job to make her feel desired and beautiful. A woman who receives compliments from her man is a happy woman.

Foreplay action

Many girls are shy about requesting it, but many crave for an extended period of foreplay before the main action. She wants you to warm up her engine before the ultimate race. Don’t just hope in and expect it to perform at its optimal ability. As a man, you need to take things slow and easy, and once it’s on, it’s time to rock. Intimacy is essential for a healthy relationship, and it entails all the things that enable one to achieve sexual satisfaction. Caress her, go down on her, kiss her, and hug her. You deserve to have a happy sex life, so does your woman.

Helping around the house

No woman wants to be your mama. But, as a man, you need to clean up after yourself. Have an active role in helping around the house. It’s not her job only; you live there too. Help with doing things she usually does, take something off her plate. “I got the dishes; you go and chill.” You’ll be amazed at how you’ve made her the happiest. She’ll appreciate your efforts and know that you care about her wellbeing.

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Planning a date/special occasions

During dating, one of the things that men actively do is planning and coming up with creative ways to make their woman happy through dates. However, when both couples get comfortable with the relationship, often at times, this stops. Relationships need to have a spark to keep the passion between couples strong. So, plan a date, outing, or weekend getaway with your woman. It’s not about what you’re doing, but it’s the fact that you were conscious and thought of her and did something special for her. This is something that many men ought to be doing better when it comes to being in a relationship. Now that you’re in it, you got to stay in it to win it.

Appreciating her

Appreciation doesn’t necessarily mean buying flowers and showering her with gifts, but just actively doing things that let her know you appreciate the fact that she’s fantastic and that she’s with you. It can be through random calls and texts, letting her know how much you value her. Let her know that all her efforts towards the relationship and family are appreciated. Do this regularly and not just on special occasions.

Sustaining a long-term relationship requires a lot of effort and dedication from both partners. Relationships may encounter a few bumpy waves along the way, but active commitment from both partners will ensure they navigate through smoothly. Men, do your part.

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