Success is not sexually transmitted. Here’s the secret to success

Turphy Achieng’ holds that personal success is sweet, fulfilling and drives you towards self-actualization
Turphy Achieng’ holds that personal success is sweet, fulfilling and drives you towards self-actualization

Success is not sexually transmitted. You will not automatically get success from your spouse who worked hard at school to get better grades and later struggled to find a well-paying job.

You won’t get success sexually from your partner who has known what diligence, hard work, determination, persistence and sacrifice at work or through hustles means.

No one would offer you a well-paying job unless you go out, look for work and work hard.

If you are working in a company and expect promotion, only hard work will offer you permanent promotion that no one can interfere with in the future.

Getting lucky through sexual favours should not lie in the picture. You can sleep with your boss for all you care but you will not become the boss.

Your boss remains your boss. Success is particular, and most often goes straight to the person who has single-handedly worked towards its achievement.

Success is more jealous than a woman in love. However much you enjoy it, it will settle only for that person who has worked hard for it.

You won’t ride on someone else’s success. Success is not like an expensive perfume that can be shared. It is very limited and confined to only those who toil for it.

Success knows no gender; it comes to both boys and girls. Each gender can attain it in equal measures.

Lucky enough everyone has 24 hours a day meaning that with 1440 minutes at everyone’s disposal in a day, we all can achieve what we dream of if we believe and work hard towards its realization.

Young energetic women should stop feeling just pretty in their idle time, making up to sleep with successful men to attain success.

Beauty is better appreciated when it’s accompanied with smart brains.

Assume you are working towards passing your statistics exams; does sleeping with your statistics lecturer help you know what you did not know?

And after passing the exams falsely, does it prepare you for any future statistics challenges that you will face away from your lecturer?

Personal success is sweet, fulfilling and it drives you towards self-actualization. Hard work pays and fulfils. A young individual has the potential to do something and crave in reaching a particular aim. Whether your luck prevails or not, hard work and efforts will take you to greater heights.

By Turphy Achieng’

Written by meltingpot

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