Six warning signs that your partner is cheating

Cheating can be devastating in a relationship. Learn all the signs that your partner is cheating

Cheating can be devastating in a relationship. Falling in love and being in a relationship with the same person is always an incredible feeling for most people. You enjoy the little things your partner does, how they walk, talk, and make you laugh. At this moment, one wishes their relationship could last forever. But trouble often starts knocking on your door when the love you give is not being reciprocated back.

Well, cheating could be that uninvited visitor stirring all the trouble. There are usually red flags that could unmask a cheating partner and shouldn’t be ignored. Let’s face it; no one wants to learn that their partner is cheating; it’s the biggest betrayal in a relationship. However, we have to accept that possibility and protect our mental health and wellbeing. Here are some warning signs that your partner could be a bedswerver.

An emotional distance between you two

When you feel a growing disconnection between you and your partner as days go by, then it’s a sign something is not right. Something could be troubling them, and if they don’t open up about it, they’re likely cheating. You start getting fewer displays of affection, and the time you spend as a couple gradually reduces. As your emotional connection fades away, they’re probably connecting more with another party.

No acts of intimacy

A cheating partner usually has mixed emotions that tend to stop them from being openly affectionate and intimate with their partner. They don’t share their hopes, dreams, fears, and bed with you since they are busy rocking someone else’s bed. When you spend a long time without having sex or any form of intimacy, then you need to start getting worried. Now’s the perfect time to have an honest conversation with your partner about what’s going on.

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Acting suspicious about their phone or computer

It’s not a secret that many people use their phones very often, even in the presence of other people. If your partner used to operate their phone openly in front of you, leaving it anywhere, that was convenient, and suddenly they act differently, then that’s a telling sign of a person hiding something.

It’s a red flag when your partner grows a sudden closeness to their phone, texting late in the night and carrying it with them anywhere they go, even bathrooms. Your partner is probably cheating if they’ve suddenly grown interested in installing passwords to guard their phone and computers against ‘intruders.’

When your partner is a lot busier than they used to

After a certain period in a relationship, couples learn about each other’s routines and lifestyles. One is aware of their spouse’s work durations and when they are unavailable. But when they suddenly start to get abrupt calls from friends or appointments that they forgot to mention, then you’re in for a treat. Chances are your partner is busy working between the sheets. Why is he suddenly doing a lot more work than usual in his workplace after five years of being in the same position? Perhaps a motivation to seek ‘promotion.’

Being secretive

If you’ve been together for a while as a couple, behavioral patterns make it easier to notice acts of secretiveness from your partner. A secretive partner coupled with emotional distance is usually the first signs you’ll see in a cheating partner. If your partner stays out late without valid reasons, spends more money without informing you, and always hides when making phone calls, then you ought to start fearing for the worst.

Doesn’t want to talk about your relationship

Two people who are into each other will always want to talk about it, how they feel in the relationship and what they want from it. During this time, there is no hesitation to say their troubles or what they need to change to be more satisfied with the relationship. Where such talks do not exist, then it’s a sign that your partner doesn’t care about the relationship anymore. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise if they’re caught serving other ‘guests.’

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