Six clear signs she never loved you

There are signs to help you know if a lady really loves or ever loved you

This is how to know if your ex girlfriend never loved you. The words ‘I love you’ are easier said than done. Saying these words doesn’t necessarily mean one feels that way. Words are empty without action, and that’s a lesson many men have learned from their previous and current relationships. Many people have joined the single club after it emerged that their significant other never had any strong feelings for them.

It’s a sad feeling knowing your partner doesn’t love you and that all your effort and affection won’t count for anything worthwhile. Recognizing these signs can immensely save you from heartaches in future relationships. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that prove she never loved you in the first place.

Always trying to change you

If someone loves you, they love you for who you are. If your girl tried changing you into something else, then she only loved the idea of having a relationship but not with you. It could be trying to change how you dress, who you hang out with, or how you spend your time. To her, the relationship was a concept but not about who you are. She only tried to create you into something that served her purpose, having expectations you’d never fulfill.

Constant stress and fighting

The general mood of your relationship should tell you a lot about how your partner feels about you. A loving couple tends to be happy and playful, while that lacking love is often filled with stress and arguments, suffocating each other. Couples who are head and heels over each other constantly strive to be each other’s peace. If your relationship had stress and tension, especially during its early days, it means there was no love. If she always wanted to fight more than making up, there’s a good chance she wasn’t in love with you.

No bond with friends and family

When couples are seriously committed in their relationship, they build bonds with friends and family members of their partners. A factor that makes heartbreaks more painful since you lose not only your partner but also friends. If she never put in the effort to bond with important people in your life, then she never loved you. Also, if she tried hard to prevent you from interacting with her friends and family, it proves she had no interest in the relationship.

Total Indifference

When strong couples break up, their romantic feelings often linger for a certain period. The feelings they shared don’t disappear immediately, and they are occasionally troubled with grief and sadness. It is common for couples to keep in touch, talk, share jokes and catch up after a breakup. If she never loved you, she may ignore you and answer you rudely, treating you like a stranger. It’s like the feelings she had seemed to have vanished. Acting in such a manner shows that love never blossomed in the relationship so that the breakup won’t be devastating.

Portraying a sense of relief

If your ex-girl seemed happy and relieved after your breakup and acted like it was the best thing to have happened to her, then she never invested her feelings in that relationship. If she’s feeling a sense of relief after a breakup, it means she was forcing herself to stay in the relationship because people only act this way when a stressful relationship comes to an end. Your relationship just wasn’t as strong as you imagined it.

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Forgetting your special days

Former partners often think about each other’s big days and use these moments to catch up with them, especially birthdays. Special days become more enjoyable when loved ones join in on the celebration. It can be through gifts, words of affirmation, or hosting parties. If your ex-girlfriend constantly forgot your special days and the days passed without much going on, then she didn’t care about you. Her feelings may have faded over time, and she was just putting up with you. A person who truly loves you thinks about you.

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