Simple rules for texting a girl and keeping her interested

When texting a girl, be playful and not too serious with your texts

There are very important rules for texting a girl and making sure she is interested in you. Texting a girl you’re into is like diffusing a bomb; one wrong move and it all blows up in your face, and your chances of hitting it off with her become zero. Unfortunately, many men have fallen victims to being unable to progress past the texting phase with women.

The reason for that could be silly mistakes and repetitive behavior that turns off the women they are talking to. Unfortunately, there are no guidelines on how to text ladies, but men can apply a few rules to aid their cause. Below are some rules that can help improve your texting game with women.

Using correct spelling and grammar

A text allows you to think and plan things through, and therefore there is no excuse for you not to figure out the correct spelling and grammar punctuation. Some applications can assist you with typing the proper grammar. Many people think texting shortened words is cool, but it’s irritating and uninteresting to most people, and doing this might chase your crush away. Avoid texting a girl that way.

Never assume she knows who you are

When you start a conversation with a new girl, remind them who you are. For example, “Hi, Jennifer, it’s Lawrence, the dude you shared a table with at the Nairobi Art exhibition.” Identifying yourself helps her avoid guessing and drawing wrong conclusions about you.

Be playful and not too serious with your texts

When texting a girl, sending her profound texts will only result in you getting flat and dry replies that don’t allow you to hold a conversation for long. This is because women expect you to entertain them and not the other way round. You can achieve this by teasing her and making appropriate jokes to her responses.

Use emojis

A study conducted by showed that men who use emojis get more action from ladies than men who don’t. While it’s great to incorporate emojis in your texts, avoid using too much of them at a go or repeatedly across all your texts.

Avoid sarcasm

Sarcasm rarely works when you’re texting a girl you’re just getting to know about. Most men like to be extra charismatic, but to a new woman, she may interpret your message as rude or hurtful to their feelings simply because they do not understand your tone. So only use sarcasm on women who understand you or your touches of sarcasm.

Ask one question at a time

Avoid sending multiple questions at once; it’s not an interrogation. Instead, ask one question and allow her to respond. Doing this presents a chance for you to ask follow-up questions or formulate new questions based on her responses.

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Always be the one to end the conversation

When you end a conversation with a woman, it usually has a psychological effect on them. It makes women yearn for your subsequent texts, and they’ll constantly be thinking about when you’ll text again. This helps in spicing things up as she’ll be highly interactive and interested when you’re both texting again.

Never ask if she got your text

Of course, she got your text; they always do. Maybe she’s just busy with her stuff, or she’s ignoring you, or you’re just dull. Whichever the case bottom line is, she got your text, and only she can decide when to respond. Asking her if she received your text makes you appear desperate and anxious.

Know when you’re getting blown off

It is easy to tell when a girl isn’t interested in you. She’ll intentionally delay replying to your texts; she may answer back rudely or give you one-word answers for most of her replies. As a man knowing when you’re being blown off will save you some energy and valuable time that you can use to pursue other things or chase down other worthy girls.

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