Sex During Pregnancy: What you need to know

Sex is perfectly safe during pregnancy unless advised otherwise by your doctor

Here is all you should know about sex during pregnancy so you can feel safe and secure.
Is it safe to engage in sex during pregnancy? This is a question most women and couples often ask their healthcare specialists. Perhaps they are not ready to give up on the ‘fun sessions’ that led to the pregnancy just yet. The good news for them is that sex is perfectly safe during pregnancy unless advised otherwise by your doctor, a statement echoed by Dr. Jill Hetchman from Brandon Regional Hospital.

Many believe that sex could be unsafe due to the possibility of having a miscarriage or fear of harming the baby. However, deep penetration won’t harm the baby, protected by the womb and cushioned by the amniotic fluid. Sex is sometimes used to stimulate contractions and stimulate labor during the later stages of pregnancy. Semen contains prostaglandins which can cause contractions. You need to have accurate information from your doctor for you to practice safe sex during pregnancy.

When to avoid sex

Some certain conditions and situations may bring a halt to your sexual practices. Sex may at times be unsafe during your first trimester due to the risk of bleeding, cramping, and infection. During this time, hold off on sex if you’re at risk of having miscarriage since sex can stimulate contractions or cause bleeding. Sex doesn’t cause miscarriages, but it can speed up the process. Further, avoid sex if your placenta is situated abnormally in the lower part of the womb since it can provoke bleeding.

You should abstain from sex if you have a history of cervical incompetence, which is a condition where the mouth of the womb is not strong enough to hold the baby in the uterus. Also, desist from sex if you have conditions such as placenta previa, preterm labor, and preterm premature rupture of the membrane. When engaging in sex, it is common to experience vaginal spotting and cramping; if this occurs, visit your doctor to check if everything is okay.

During the 2nd trimester, pregnant women begin feeling better, probably the most active time of their pregnancy cycle. Women then go through a myriad of changes, hormones fluctuate, organs move and shift, and for many women, their libido goes into overdrive, with some admitting that they’ve had the best and most intense orgasms while pregnant. In a report by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 40% of the women interviewed reported that their sex drive increased since pregnancy. Doctors have in the past said that sex during pregnancy could have several benefits, such as the lowering of blood pressure and the creation of a calming effect that helps women fall asleep.

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An extra release of oxytocin usually characterizes orgasms, commonly referred to as the love hormone. Oxytocin helps build trust in relationships, which further helps to strengthen the bond between partners during such a stressful period. However, certain factors can trigger a reduced sex drive in pregnant women, such as
• Excessive nausea and vomiting decrease the desire for sexual intercourse.
• Hormonal changes
• Discomfort and pain caused by vaginal dryness
• An enlarged uterus can also make sexual intercourse difficult.

Go for positions that don’t hurt

To enjoy intimate sessions with their partner, pregnant women should use water-based lubricants to reduce discomfort if they’re troubled with vaginal dryness. As the belly grows and a woman experiences a change in her weight, sex can become uncomfortable. Try different positions that don’t hurt; sex shouldn’t be painful. Use sex positions that allow both of you to lie sideways or one where the woman sits on top of the man. Avoid lying flat on your back (missionary) after the 4th month of pregnancy. Incorporate the use of pillows under the hips to support the weight of the tummy.

Pregnancy sex is considered safe, fun, and beneficial. We hope you’ll enjoy being intimate with your partner before a new being joins your midst.

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