How to stop smoking on your own

Make a plan to stop smoking and stick to it

To stop smoking is a huge challenge. Smoking can be defined as a practice in which a substance producing smoke is inhaled to be tasted and absorbed into the blood stream through deep penetration into the lungs. Smoking is one of the most common practices of recreational drug use involving over one billion people worldwide. The commonly used drugs for smoking include tobacco, opium and cannabis.

At fifteen percent, smoking tobacco is one of the leading causes of avoidable death worldwide due to the different effects that it has on the users. This sets the question; can someone stop smoking on their own? If yes, then how can they do it? Today we’ll help smoking addicts learn how to stop smoking on their own by providing ways to follow.

Make a plan to stop smoking

To stop smoking on your own, you first have to make up your mind and be sure of your decision; make the plan, set a date and stick to the plan. Think of the reasons and situations that can make you smoke, and make plans to help get you out of the situations in advance. You may also want to consider your diet and always be positive on beating the behavior.

Avoid your smoking triggers

When one stops smoking, the urge for the given substance is likely to be strongest when the individual is in a certain situation or environment. One has to first establish their trigger situations, and look for ways to avoid the situations or get through them without smoking; avoiding triggers is one of the ways of stopping smoking.

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Reject the temptation of just having ‘one’

If you’re tempted to just have one cigarette or any other smoking substance you are trying to stop just don’t. Using of one cigarette will lead to the use of another and you may end up smoking all over again. If you’re sure that you want to stop smoking, you should stop or avoid any temptation to just have one cigarette.

Look for physical activity to replace smoking time

You can stop smoking by looking for other physical activities to replace smoking to help reduce smoking intensity and distract you from tobacco cravings. You can make the tobacco cravings go away by engaging in exciting physical activities in your environment. By keeping your hands and mouth busy you can double your chances of success and break the smoking habit.

Always remind yourself of why you quit smoking

Your written plan to stop smoking should include reasons why you’re stopping the habit, and use the reasons as your motivation. Remind yourself of the benefits of stopping smoking each and every day by following your written plan and remember each time you manage smoking cravings you are always one step from stopping your addiction.

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