Recipe: How to prepare Ginger Fried White Rice

Fried rice
Fried rice

Many have had complaints of how tough it gets to cook rice without it getting sticky or soggy. This low-fat complex carbohydrate food that is quickly digested and a perfect source of energy, should not stress anyone if prepared in these very simple steps.

1 Cup white rice
11/2 cups water
1 large onion
½ tsp Ginger Paste


  1. Fry onions in pan and to it add crushed ginger paste, stir for about 45seconds.
  2. Add your rice, washed if you like, salt and mix everything on low heat for 3-5mins.
  3. Pour in your water, cold or hot. Bring to boil then once water reduces to rice level, reduce heat to super low and simmer slowly until cooked. Serve.

Try it, enjoy it, share it.

By Kenagwah Imani

Written by meltingpot

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