Qualities of a good partner in a relationship

A good partner: An understanding partner is one able to relate and empathize with what you’re going through.

What are the qualities of a good partner? To many people, searching for the right person before getting into a relationship is always a priority. However, they often have trouble figuring if a partner is right for them. As a result, people usually search for certain qualities beneficial in fostering a long-term healthy relationship. Unbeknown to many, they could be having a gem of a partner, but their insecurities often result in them picking broken glasses instead. Today we look at some of the qualities of a good partner, the qualities that make a particular person perfect in your quest for seeking a long-lasting relationship.

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Does your partner encourage your dreams and make you feel secure? Having such a partner who can provide you with emotional support and mental support is essential for building a lasting relationship. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University found that supportive spouses played a role in increasing a person’s chances of success. Their reassurance and support encouraged their partners to take on more challenging and rewarding tasks. In the long run, these couples showed an increase in personal growth and happiness.

Emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence is the ability to use, understand and manage one’s emotions. Having such a partner is a win since they are effective communicators who can express their feelings and understand yours. Additionally, they often have excellent social skills, acknowledgment, regulation of their own emotions, and understanding others’ feelings. Emotional intelligence in a relationship helps couples express and manage difficult emotions they may confront, which helps forge a solid and lasting relationship.


An understanding partner is one able to relate and empathize with what you’re going through. Understanding between couples is vital in a relationship. A partner who truly understands what you’re saying and expressing can connect with you at a deeper level and strengthen the bond in your relationship. As a result, you’ll have a connection devoid of quarrels and misunderstandings. Conflict is one of the leading causes of separation between couples.


A 2014 study by John Gottman on newlyweds revealed that the key to a long-term healthy relationship is riddled with kindness and generosity. Couples who are kind to each other could foster an environment of love, trust, and intimacy. Kind partners take their time to treat their lovers well. Kindness allows partners to connect emotionally and become comfortable with each other, which helps them overcome conflicts and disputes and maintain a healthy and loving relationship.


You’ll be disadvantaged if you lose a partner who respects your opinions, experiences, and boundaries. It is crucial to a relationship that couples see each other as equals. All couples have their interests, thoughts, and feelings that are valid and should be respected. However, both couples will suffer in a relationship where one partner dominates and disrespects any ideas or opinions that go against theirs. This is because there is no ability for both of them to speak on equal terms and be listened to, which is vital for a long-term relationship.

Accepting your flaws

An ideal partner accepts your flaws and differences without judgment or expressing annoyance. Such a partner is open and emotionally honest and able to see the perfect in your imperfections. There is less resentment and more peace where partners accept each other’s flaws. Further, this acceptance can also encourage more personal growth and high levels of self-esteem in both partners. You’ll lose if you let go of such a partner since they have demonstrated that they’ll always love and accept you irrespective of the circumstance.

Don’t be a brand ambassador of the ‘I wish I knew brigade’ because of your inability to hold on to good things. Instead, you’ll enjoy peace in a relationship by picking the right partner.

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