Online dating tips for women

The average woman doesn't know how to date online. It’s therefore important to read carefully the online dating tips

Important online dating tips for women: Online dating is a convenient way to meet people if you’re busy and rarely find time to go out. The big difference between online dating and traditional dating is that you have a wide pool for meeting prospective partners within a short time and at the convenience of your location with the former.

Outside that, almost everything else applies. Everyone is a stranger, and you have to engage them for some time before you know their true self and intentions. The average woman doesn’t know how to date online. They do it as a last resort or when they feel bored. They are not fully committed to the process. Another contributing factor is that most women have a negative mindset towards online dating.

Relationship and dating coach Stephan Labossiere reveals on his YouTube channel that there are many success stories from online dating and has successfully married clients. How can you be part of this success story as a woman?

Red flags to watch out for during online dating

Where there is good, there is also evil, and online dating is no exception. Here are some red flags to watch out for:
• Inconsistency – where a man actively chats with you during the first weeks and months, then slowly starts ghosting you afterward.
• Disrespect – displayed through uncomfortable remarks, rude & controlling behavior, intrusion of privacy, and cancellation of dates.
• Low emotional intelligence – a man who gets upset, and offended easily, is highly irritable. Difficult to hold a conversation with them.
• Mysterious character – men who don’t answer basic questions and do not provide sufficient information to know them even after chatting for a while. Lack of mutual trust.

Here are some things women can do to get the most out of online dating and be part of the success story.

Present your value

A lot of women use their profile descriptions to express what they are looking for in a man. But they fail to tell men why they should hit them up. Why do you consider yourself valuable, and why should a man give you his attention and not other available women? Online dating is like shopping; how you market your product determines who will buy it. Present your value on online dating.

Positive messages

Do not fill your profile description with messages of what you hate, what turns you off, and what you don’t like talking about. It makes you sound so negative, and this isn’t very pleasant. Speak positively and express things you like and what you are looking for. Positive energy goes a long way.

Many women usually jump into online dating platforms and sit back

Picture presentation

Having the right selection of pictures increases your chances of having positive engagements due to the impression you create.
• Profile picture – always use a picture of you smiling as your profile photo as it gives off the right energy and makes you approachable and inviting. Women are more attractive when they smile. Avoid sexy pictures since it mainly attracts men with sexual interests. Using mean-looking photos makes you unapproachable, however, cool the images look. Use authentic photos with no filters; no one likes to be catfished.

• Range – it’s advisable to have 3-4 photos on your profile. It makes your profile appear genuine and stops people from thinking you’re a catfish. If you’re good-looking and only have one picture, your profile will look skeptical.

• Full body picture – women have mastered the art of taking pictures at angles that make their body appear different than what it is. Doing this gives men the wrong impression of how you look and only creates trouble for you. This deceptive act will only keep potential suitors away. Post your full body pictures always.

Keep description brief

Not many men like reading the long paragraphs women have on their profile description. Doing this doesn’t work to your advantage since you come off as a very difficult person to handle or deal with. Use bullet points and keep your words brief. Men enjoy exploring and getting to know more about a woman, which forms the dating excitement; having all that information in your profile ruins the experience.

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Reach out to men

Many women usually jump into online dating platforms and sit back. Basically, what you’re doing is inviting all the garbage your way and hoping you’ll sift through them and find your precious jewel. This will leave you drained and tired to the point of giving up. Put yourself in front of the type of men you want and increase the chances of landing your precious jewel. Engaging men automatically raise their excitement which allows you to get more positive interactions. All it takes is a simple hello.

Don’t take it personally when people don’t respond to your texts and requests; dating is a game of probability with no clearly defined winners. Don’t appear desperate, naïve and most importantly, don’t ignore red flags.

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