How to overcome masturbation addiction – tips and tricks that work

Masturbation leading to orgasm have several health benefits including reduced anxiety and blood pressure but all this is possible when it is not done excessively

Masturbation is a habit commonly practiced by people from all walks of life. People masturbate for different reasons, with the aim of many being to achieve sexual satisfaction. Young adolescents may want to feed their curiosity, leading them to take a self-guided tour. For others, it’s all about pleasure and receiving the purported health benefits. Killing two birds with one stone, as many claim.

Masturbation leading to orgasm can benefit one from reduced anxiety and blood pressure, sound relaxation, improved blood flow, and reduced stress levels. In men, orgasms increase testosterone levels which help reduce prostate problems. But all this is possible when masturbation is not done ‘excessively.’

So, what is ‘excessive’ masturbation? Unfortunately, the answer can be subjective, but generally, if masturbation is compulsive, it can be considered excessive. When shaking hands with the milkman is all that runs in your mind throughout the day, then that’s a problem. Masturbation is extreme when it interferes with your regular routines and daily activities. When masturbation affects your ability to maintain relationships and is addictive, then it is excessive.

While ejaculation is associated with positive health benefits, not all ejaculations are created equal. Stuart Brody compiled research from different studies and wrote the Journal of Sexual Medicine (2010). The journal found that frequent masturbation doesn’t have the same positive effects that sexual intercourse has. It creates room for one to pick adverse effects. With time sexuality loses meaning. Masturbators usually come to prefer their dark prison of imaginary sexual partners over real people. Hence they are unable to engage sexually with the right partner.

Masturbation leads one to lose many hormonal mineral deposits in their body, such as zinc, endorphin, and dopamine. In men, masturbation can cause neurological changes, which trigger an over-release of dopamine, leading to a negative rebound effect, reducing one sensitivity to the dopamine receptors.

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One will then end up needing more dopamine to get the same pleasurable feelings. Compulsive masturbation causes weakened erection in men and a reduced ability to recover from erectile dysfunction.

How to overcome masturbation

How can one overcome masturbation? Before it turns into a habit, it all happens in one’s mind. Therefore the mind is the most potent weapon in fighting masturbation. The difficulty in trying to overcome masturbation is breaking out of the relapse circle. This is because the mind realizes you’re choosing to suppress a natural healthy urge and, one ends up fighting it every day.

Practice self-control

Learn how to control your behavior by developing coping strategies around strong emotions. One can start by having pre-scheduled days off. Part of self-control also entails changing one’s beliefs. This makes one realize petting the cat isn’t as important as they made it to be.

Distract yourself

Before the physical act commences, the mind must first process it. Do not allow your mind to wander off into the ‘fantasy world.’ Find new hobbies to do, spend lots of time on outdoor activities, play games, read books.

Identify any other issues you’re dealing with

It is essential to identify what causes you to have such thoughts. Certain conditions, emotions, and situations can trigger one to engage in masturbation. Depression, loneliness, and high anxiety may mess with one’s self-esteem reducing their confidence levels. Such people usually have a high possibility of masturbating. If you’re single, then we suggest finding a worthy partner soon.

Join a community

One of the best ways to recover is listening and hearing the stories and opinions of people suffering from an issue similar to yours. Communities can be online chat rooms on various platforms and physical meet clubs. People can share practical strategies others can use to overcome masturbation.

Just like any other addiction, you can quit if you seriously put in the effort. You have to choose the sort of person you are when it comes to that behavior.

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