How to maintain a happy and a healthy relationship

Communication is the key element in any healthy relationship

Do you feel the need to be loved and connected to your partner? It’s important to build a healthy relationship. We all have been there, relationships are tough, stressful and others can say that they are messy, yet it is beautiful and wonderful at the same time. But is it true? Can we maintain a healthy relationship, which is full of happiness and satisfaction? These are some of the questions couples ask themselves on a day to day basis.

Couples ought to invest a significant amount of time for the relationship to grow, I mean simple things such as replacing television time for one on one conversation, which might go a long way to strengthen a couple’s bond. It is the little things couples do that determine the direction of the relationship. If you really respect your relationship and would want it to work then it’s all about going back to the basics, so here are some tips to keep you on the edge.

Communication/taking time to listen to your partner

Communication is the key element in any healthy relationship, taking time to listen to your partner and generally trying to understand what your partner is feeling or even going through is important. Therefore being open and feeling free to express ideas and desires go a long way. They create a conducive environment to nurture a healthy relationship and further improve your communication skills.

Mutual activities to do together

Finding a way to bond for couples is important hence couples should have different activities that help them bond with each other. Couples should take this time to work on one another, build a coordinated team and also boost each other’s self- esteem. Mostly couples are comfortable with one another hence they can experiment on new things.

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Old is gold /accepting each other

Growing old as a couple you will notice sooner or later some physical changes be it gray hair or even an increase in body weight. It’s very natural for such changes to occur hence the way couples respond says a lot. Assuring your partner that things are alright and appreciating rather than criticizing is the way to go for creating a healthy relationship where couples are free with each other’s body.

Let go of unnecessary arguments

Couples need to understand that they are from a different upbringing and setting hence people have different behaviors and characteristics. With this in mind we are able to let go of unnecessary arguments that would somehow affect or even fracture the delicate bond created.

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