Four ways for men to last longer in bed

Most men lack the stamina to prolong their stay in bed and fully satisfy their partners. There are however ways of helping men last longer in bed

Tips on how to last longer in bed: Sex is an essential need for relationships. Its significance was demonstrated by American psychologist Abraham Maslow who included it in the hierarchy of needs, as an excellent tool for promoting love and a sense of belonging. However, most men lack the stamina to prolong their stay in bed and fully satisfy their partners.

Physical and psychological factors contribute to the low sexual performance in men. Stress, fatigue, anxiety, medication and physical pain could be the reasons your time between the sheets is quicker than a 100 meters sprint final. If it’s a persistent problem you’re suffering, then we highly recommend a visit to a medical specialist. Below are some tips to help build your sex stamina as a man.


You need to be in control of your body at every moment during those steamy sessions. Making controlled movements will help boost your game. Control applies to both the mind and body. When your mind puts too much concentration on the act, pressure starts to mount, and you quickly find yourself having early emissions. Composure allows you to be relaxed and to own the process. Always be in charge of your body weight as this will enable you to relax when about to ejaculate. Another tip you can employ is taking a long deep breath through the nostrils and holding it in for a few seconds. This trick will help delay the ejaculation. Part of control also includes switching up positions to spice up things. Certain positions allow you to maintain control during game time.


Foreplay is a special weapon that any man can use to his advantage. It gives you control over your partner’s body and allows you to explore and enjoy the feel of your partner. For women, foreplay helps set them in the mood as it turns them on. In some instances, foreplay can be enough to make women reach climax. Incorporating foreplay during sex helps you last longer in bed, enjoy the moment, and, importantly, achieve sexual satisfaction as a couple. Take time and communicate with your partner to understand what is ideal for them.


Most people dread physical exercises and rarely partake in any. But, it could just be what you need to elevate your game to the next level. Physical activities have a therapeutic effect on your mind. They help relieve you of stress and promote blood circulation in the body by working your muscles. Muscle strength is vital in building stamina which allows you to last longer in bed. Some exercise to help with includes bicep curls, bench press, sit-ups, planks, squats, and leg press.


The type of foods you consume is equally important when building your sex stamina. Certain food products are notorious for messing with your sex hormones leaving you with a reduced sex drive. They include diet soda, processed foods, cheese, and alcohol. For better sexual performance, you need foods that boosts endurance, speeds recovery, promotes metabolism, provides energy, and regulate sex hormones. Some foods to include in your menu are chilli peppers, banana, spinach, broccoli, carrot, whole wheat bread, brown rice, lean red meat, fish, avocado, watermelon, legumes, nuts, beans and milk.

Also remember to drink enough water, get sufficient rest and avoid stressful activities. It is our wish that these tips will boost your sex life and enjoy sexual satisfaction.

Written by meltingpot

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