Food and sexual performance: Foods you like eating that could be hurting your performance

Foods you like eating could be killing your sex performance
Foods you like eating could be killing your sex performance

Experiencing great sexual performance from their partner is a need for most if not all, couples.

Sex in relationships allows couples to attain a healthy level of intimacy and love. It is not a hidden secret that most relationships are plagued with partners suffering from low sex drive. I have worrying news for you. That delicacy you enjoy could be the reason you are always left with a sour taste between the sheets.

Researchers have attributed low libido to physical changes, psychological problems and hormonal imbalance. Testosterone and estrogen are the main hormones that control sexual behaviour in both sexes. The imbalance of these hormones results in an increase or decrease of libido. Researchers have been conducting studies to determine foods that affect the hormonal balance of both testosterone and estrogen. Below are some food products that may be denting your sexual performance.


A glass of wine is perfect for setting the mood for the occasion. However excessive consumption could come at a cost to your libido. Alcohol can hamper a man’s capacity to attain and keep an erection and lower libido for both sexes. While alcohol is good for raising confidence, it could leave you with low confidence after an intimate session.

Diet soda

We can all agree that a cool soda down the throat is a refreshing feeling. If you regularly consume soda, it could probably be why your ‘game’ is not that fresh. Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Aspartame is notorious for tampering with serotonin levels in the body, which is a vital hormone that triggers a sense of happiness. Researchers have linked low serotonin levels with low libido in both sexes.

Processed foods

Processed foods are characterized by the removal of vital nutrients in whole foods. Some of these nutrients are essential to your urge for ‘game time’. White and, all-purpose flour essentially contain only a quarter of the required zinc levels, a mineral necessary to a man’s sexuality. Where possible stick to whole meals and natural food products.

Canned foods

They are widely preferred due to their ease of preparation. But this could be the reason why you are experiencing a hard time in your sex game. Canned foods hold incredibly high levels of dietary sodium. When you consume sodium, it increases blood pressure, which inhibits blood flow to various body parts, including the genitals.


You are not alone. I’m also disappointed cheese is in this list. Cheese is delicious when paired with the right choice of meal. Cheese derived from cow’s milk holds many synthetic hormones that interfere with the body’s natural hormone production. A situation that affects the levels of testosterone and estrogen, leading to low sex drive. We’ll understand though if you are not ready to give up on cheese just yet.

It’s only fair that I provide you with food items that will help raise your sexual performance off the charts. They include pumpkin seeds, ground flax seeds, oysters and avocado.

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