Five reliable signs he really loves you

Many ladies constantly find themselves wondering does he love me?

What are the signs showing he loves you? Knowing how someone feels can be a tricky thing to gauge, especially when it comes to romantic feelings. It’s an issue that runs on the back of many women’s minds. A man who loves you will send out certain signals. As a lady, identifying these signals enables you to know he isn’t wasting your time and that your relationship has a future, which makes you open up your heart and enjoy the time you’re spending. But does he truly love you and want to be with you, or does he have other intentions? Maybe this list can give you a better idea of how ‘a man who truly loves you’ actually acts.

Invests in you

A man who loves you will invest in you. And by invest, we don’t mean the actual financial investment but rather him putting in an effort of some sorts that cost him something. An example is him choosing to spend time with you over other essential things in his life. He will compromise and prioritize hanging out with you at any available moment. A man who invests his time and energy in you is committed to the relationship since he has other opportunities to pursue with the limited time available. It just shows they’re doing it for you.

Protects you

In the animal kingdom, most male species are well known for protecting their families against danger. A man who offers you his protection values you. Protection can be against physical threats and negative energy from other people. A man in love can go to the extremes of giving up his life if it means saving his woman from danger. Such a man will jump in front of you and muggers to keep you from harm’s way. Of course, he’s afraid, but that won’t be running on his mind since his love is strong. Such a man will always want you to be safe; it’s an automated reaction on his part.

He listens to you

Men are occasionally accused of not being good listeners. But a man ready to elope with your heart will always listen and pay keen attention to the small details since they do matter. He will never forget the little things you mention, doing his best to capture all the details he can, which is his way of showing how much he values you and what you have to say. He’ll remember how you don’t like hot chocolate in the afternoon while he’s grabbing some snacks or how you instantly get nauseated smelling the aroma of certain spices while on your periods.

Treats you with respect

One of the most important requirements of a healthy relationship is respect, which many people take for granted. Your man communicates his love for you if he respects you as a person, your choices, dreams, beliefs, and ideas. Respect is necessary for any lasting relationship, and a man who gives you this is head and heels over you. Part of the respect entails listening to your advice even if he disagrees with you because he will try to see things from your perspective.

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Saying I love you

This is an obvious sign but one that is often missed. Does he tell you he loves you? And we mean in an authentic way, not just the normal ‘I love you’ people throw in their text messages and talks to keep the conversation flowing or relevant. Actions mean everything; does he usually hug you affectionately and then say the famous ‘three-letter words.’ His actions can tell if he means them. How does he behave after sex? Does he take the time to cuddle and caress you? If he stays up to talk and engage you after sex, that speaks volumes. Hormonal reactions usually push men to shut down once done. No perfect guy exists, but such actions performed regularly show just how much he adores you.

Ladies, please do not settle for less. The love you have for that tall, dark, and handsome gentleman needs to be reciprocated. Keep searching, and soon enough, your prince charming will arrive to sweep you off your feet. There’s a reason love is placed in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Humans need to give and receive love.

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