Five mistakes to avoid when dating

Dating is a critical phase when trying to build a committed relationship. Learn the common mistakes to avoid if you want to build a healthy relationship

It is common to make mistakes while dating. Society has a lot of single people desperate for a shot at love. It’s often jokingly said that the population of single people is enough to form a whole country, complete with its own ruling system and defense forces. The presence of single people could be a result of mistakes they made while dating.

Dating is a critical phase when trying to build a committed relationship. It requires the effort of both partners for things to work. Dating presents an opportunity for two couples to create a long-term bond that is healthy for both the mind and body of the two. To enjoy dating, you need to have the proper foundation. It’s either you do it right or don’t do it at all. Avoiding problems when dating can protect your mental health and relationship experience. Here are some mistakes to avoid when dating.

Pretending to be someone you’re not

If the foundation of your relationship is built on pretense, then it’s not going to work. If you pretend to be someone else, you can only keep that up for so long. At one point, you’ll start getting comfortable and expose your true self. Pretense can be done through lying about one’s profession and things they know and adopting a fake lifestyle.

Going public with an argument

People value loyalty in relationships. Exposing troubles you have as a couple to the world is the ultimate betrayal. No one likes having their dirty linen aired in public. It’s true conflict resolution is a sign of a healthy relationship, but you may want to think twice before presenting your case to the ‘Facebook Bureau of investigations.’

Lack of communication

For everything to move forward in life including dating, there has to be communication. Every activity we encounter in life requires some communication. This is also the case when dating. We need to express our emotions, actions, and thoughts to our partners through communication. It helps build trust and create better understanding between couples.

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Making your whole life about that person

It is perfectly normal to be into someone, especially one you love. However, do not make that person more important than you in life. If the love you give is not reciprocated back, then that person is simply using you. They’ll start taking advantage of your love knowing you’ll always be there hence failing to put in the work and effort into the relationship.

Getting into a relationship just for the sake of it

You need to understand what you want from a relationship. And for that, you also need to be in the perfect state of mind and shape. You need to ensure you’re building yourself up first before committing. Getting into a relationship to feel whole, to be seen, escape loneliness, or gain attention will end badly for you since you’re just setting yourself up for issues.

There are also other common mistakes people make when dating, such as sacrificing your wants and needs for your partner, entertaining other people with advances, spending little time together, and failing to appreciate your partner’s efforts. Please do not settle for less, thinking it’s the best option you can get.

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