Female orgasm and squirting, everything you need to know

female orgasm and squirting
To understand squirting, we first need to know how orgasm happens in women

Orgasm and squirting: Here’s all you need to know in order to understand female orgasm and squirting. Talks surrounding squirting are usually controversial and awkward for most people. However, having such discussions is one of the best ways to demystify the myths associated with squirting and orgasms in women. To understand squirting, we first need to know how orgasms happen in women.

Orgasms are like a big umbrella to women. There is a wide variety of orgasms available to women, such as clitoral orgasm, g-spot orgasm, and cervical orgasm. They come as tremendously pleasurable waves of energy. In women, orgasms usually reach a peak that can be expanded from there. Each woman will experience her orgasms differently.

On the other hand, squirting is the expulsion of fluid from the genital, urinary tract in women that happens during sexual activity. Many people refer to it as female ejaculation, which isn’t the case. Female ejaculation usually involves a small amount of whitish and milky fluid produced during or just before orgasm. On the other hand, squirting involves an abundant amount of clear fluid that shoots out of the woman simultaneously as her supposed orgasm.

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Squirting and orgasm are not the same. Squirting is a specific phenomenon that accompanies a G-spot or A-spot orgasm. However, it is not a requirement for these orgasms to happen. Further, quirting can be achieved through both external and internal vaginal stimulation through fingers, sex toys, and vaginal intercourse.

Do all women squirt?

Squirting is not a very common occurrence for most women. An article by Anna Breslaw for Cosmopolitan magazine states that the average woman isn’t sure whether squirting is real or fake. It is therefore safe to say that majority of women have never squirted in their life. So does this mean that majority of women have never achieved orgasm? NO. Women can have amazing orgasms without ‘splashing.’ They can have one without the other or both at the same time. Women have water in their bodies, so all women have that capability from a biological point of view. Nevertheless, certain factors come into play, such as the level of arousal and sensitivity, medical conditions, and state of mind.

According to Brian Semanda, a sex therapist, the easiest way for women to squirt is to be in touch with their bodies. Most women are not connected with their bodies, and it becomes difficult to know what it can do. A woman who squirts is well aware of their body; they know where to be touched and hit by their partner or themselves. There are certain things women can do to help with their ‘water issues.’

• Avoid submissiveness – some women don’t know how to engage in intimacy. They usually want the man to control everything. Sexual confidence and communication are essential in intimacy. Take charge as a woman and be involved in every step of your intimate sessions.

• Proper care of the body– the body reacts nicely when it is treated well. Part of this involves our diet. Eat healthy foods and drink sufficient fluids to allow the body to perform naturally.

Squirting needs patience and takes time to achieve, especially for beginners. It would be best if you were relaxed and in the right state of mind. Ian Kerner, a Sex health expert and author while responding to a Cosmopolitan magazine reporter, commented that straining to squirt can ultimately damage one’s pelvic muscles. In the current setting, squirting is done as a way of fulfilling men’s sexual fantasies. It’s a trophy of some sorts that sex partners feel needs to be won. This causes a lot of problems since women are forced to push until nothing happens. We need to understand that squirting is not necessary for achieving sexual pleasure, so don’t peg all your effort trying to achieve it; it is effortless.

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