Does SIZE really matter for a Happy Sex Life?

Regardless of your size, you should discover the position that works best for you and your partner

Penis size is quite an issue: The perception by many people is that bigger equals better, but does size really matter? The issue of penis size is a contentious issue that has always elicited widespread debate whether a big size is a guarantee for sexual pleasure.

Having a small penis size is an issue men do not feel confident talking about. It elicits angry feelings among them when it is a topic for discussion in relationships. A tool is only as useful as the hand that wields it.

Knowing how to work with your size as a man is the most crucial skill

You can have the mightiest size, but your productivity is inefficient. Size is important but knowing how to work with your size as a man is the most crucial skill during sex. Even with a small size, one is capable of fully satisfying their partner sexually.

There are things a man can do to help her woman reach her climax. How well do you know your girlfriend’s body? If you can answer this then satisfying your woman won’t be difficult for you. Women enjoy how you make them feel, which helps get them aroused and ready for your intimate sessions. Knowing your partner as a man allows you to understand how to handle your woman’s body. You will be able to touch and caress her in the right places, a factor that gets them really stimulated. While at it do not be afraid to express emotions, you’ll be surprised at how that gets women turned on.

Discover the position that works best for you and your partner

Foreplay is another way you can use to achieve sexual satisfaction as a couple. Incorporating foreplay helps to spice up the mood and enables your partner to rise towards the climax. In some instances, foreplay alone is enough to satisfy a woman sexually. During sex, certain positions suit your penis size.

Knowing these positions will allow you to work your way around your partners ‘cookie jar’ while ensuring she receives maximum pleasure. How well you stroke your woman determines how much she enjoys the sessions. Well-timed and controlled strokes around the vaginal walls provide great pleasure to women.

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It is essential also to avoid having multiple sexual partners. Having multiple sex partners makes it difficult for both men and women to settle on a specific individual, making it hard to know what works for you. Deciding on a single partner allows you to find creative ways to deal with them and understand what works best for you.

It is not a hidden secret that men can sexually satisfy their partners irrespective of their penis size. Just like a perfect driver knows it’s never about the type of car they drive but rather about the driving skills they possess.

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