Sex mistakes men make and how to avoid them

Most people have unsatisfying sex. By learning the common sex mistakes they make, men can avoid them and help their ladies have a gratifying experience

Sex is a unique pleasure that perfectly integrates the use of the body and mind. In his book, The Psychology of Romantic Love, J.P. Tarcher says the profound importance of sex lies in the intense pleasure it offers human beings.

As a form of intimacy, sex helps spark passion between couples, making them more committed to their relationship. Sex is a powerful tool for romantic lovers; however, most men are ruining the experience with their habits. Are you wondering why your girl is not sexually connected to you or doesn’t seem excited at the prospect of you two getting in on the act? These could be the reasons for that.

Not asking your partner’s likes first

Asking your woman about her interests before sex is the best way to avoid making dumb mistakes. Having a conversation about what both of you have and enjoy is the key to having great sex. Just the same way you ask a guest if they have any food allergies or preferences before serving them is the same way when handling sex.

Not asking for feedback

Does she like fast or slow? Does she enjoy how you play with your tongue while in the act? Knowing all these tiny details is essential for making your subsequent sexual encounters great. Receiving feedback enables you to see whether she enjoyed your performances and find ways to make it even better for her. After getting feedback, gracefully respond and change the wrongs that you’re committing.

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Going straight for the target

Many men are guilty of this common mistake; you finally get a woman in bed, and you head straight for her genitals. Chances are she’s not even well stimulated by this time. Take your time and explore her body. Kiss her body, caress her passionately. This will make her yearn for the sex since she’ll be turned on, ready for penetration.

Thinking all women are the same

If your ex-girlfriend enjoyed a hot towel massage before sex, it doesn’t mean your current girlfriend will also like it. Take time to know your sex partner and what they enjoy. Different women have specific ways that they want their men to act for them to enjoy stimulation. Assuming she’ll enjoy something that you do is the best way to hurt her feelings and make for mediocre sex.

Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety in men can be witnessed through premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, being in their head, and not very present with their body. A simple activity such as breathing can fail a man at such a time. All these makeup for a horrible sex experience with your partner. If you’re troubled with performance anxiety, you should visit a coach or therapist to assist you in managing your anxiety.

Not taking breaks

Once they start with the rumpy-pumpy, its hammer, hammer, and more hammer until both parties are done for some men, they only take a break when everyone is exhausted and passed out. Why the rush? Sex is not a hurry up and get through it event; instead, it consists of flows and has multiple peaks. The best sexual encounters involve breaks which provide a chance for one to savor the moment, grab a glass of water, change location, positions, music, and light.

The bottom line is that you need to constantly communicate with your woman to be aware of what works well for both of you during lovemaking. If you’re a victim of such mistakes, we hope you’ll change your ways and live a fulfilling sex life with your partner.

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