Why it is important to play the game of diplomacy and dialogue with maturity and wisdom

Mr Wilson Achoki Nyabero
Mr Wilson Achoki Nyabero says “there is greater authority in negotiation and diplomacy while lying low than in use of demands, ultimatums and violence”

Diplomacy is the KEY: Quite often people struggle so much to convince their leaders and others to change that it can prove frustrating if such leaders and such others are both callous to people’s feelings and hence obstinately resistant to change!

Such endless resistance to true change does not need to prove so frustrating to anyone any longer. Why? Look here:

It is important for change agents to avoid hurting the ego of those who resist change and are always set on impunity and high-handedness. Why? Unless such callous people see the light, they can prove quite a catastrophe and an embarrassment to the true rule of law, peace and hence the safety and security of change agents, progressive forces, law-abiding citizens and progress! Such complexity must be approached in a realistic, workable multi-issue, multi-game approach of dialogue, negotiation, consultation, mediation, diplomacy and any modern, peaceful means of complex problem-solving! When such tyrants see that they are fully recognised and their ego is respected, they are most likely to embrace dialogue, come to the negotiation table and reason together with other men and women in a mindset and sprit of win-win diplomacy. Such an approach will always preempt unnecessary confrontations and uncalled-for violent reaction from such tyrants. Hence peace will not be endangered and all people will be safe to be part of the “change we all desire”!

In every situation peace must always be given a chance and priority. Even tyrants have a craving for recognition and hence recognising them as individuals who have a say, authority, power and rights will protect their ego and motivate them to come to their senses.

Change is always centred on improvements and never to lead to resistance and violence. It is thus important for all of us to play the multi-issue game of diplomacy and dialogue with maturity and wisdom.

It is important to approach all issues with an open mind, the kind of mind that recognises the dignity and rights of everyone and respects authority even when we may disagree on that. We must all understand that there is greater authority in negotiation and diplomacy while lying low than in use of demands, ultimatums and violence. Change, we must always know, is a game and a fact that never stops. There is always need and room for change. We must always do all through wisdom.

There can be no reason for any person anywhere to resort to folly; for folly can be catastrophic!

Peace is key! Always! #Yes! #FreeSpeechMatters!

By Wilson Achoki Nyabero

Written by meltingpot

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