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    Online dating tips for women

    Important online dating tips for women: Online dating is a convenient way to meet people if you’re busy and rarely find time to go out. The big difference between online dating and traditional dating is that you have a wide pool for meeting prospective partners within a short time and at the convenience of your […] More

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    Types of women to avoid dating

    There are different types of women to avoid dating. Relationships need to be a haven for every partner involved, where peace prevails, and couples comfortably enjoy each other’s space. However, some partners possess some toxic traits and habits that ruin the dating experience for many, and today we’ll focus on women with such practices. Most […] More

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    The problem with nice guys | Why women don’t like nice guys

    Nice guys have it rough when it comes to dating and attracting women. It’s not because there’s something inherently wrong with them. Still, mainly it’s because consciously or unconsciously, they shoot themselves in the foot by doing certain things that automatically kill their chances with women. The biggest enemy to nice guys is their mindset, […] More

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    Six signs he’s wasting your time

    If you think he’s wasting your time, he probably is. Many relationships fail due to a lack of serious commitment shown by individual partners. Some men treat relationships as an insignificant thing, and the result is many women are left feeling unappreciated, unloved, and disappointed. A man who is really into a woman will set […] More

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    Sex During Pregnancy: What you need to know

    Here is all you should know about sex during pregnancy so you can feel safe and secure.Is it safe to engage in sex during pregnancy? This is a question most women and couples often ask their healthcare specialists. Perhaps they are not ready to give up on the ‘fun sessions’ that led to the pregnancy […] More

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    Six clear signs she never loved you

    This is how to know if your ex girlfriend never loved you. The words ‘I love you’ are easier said than done. Saying these words doesn’t necessarily mean one feels that way. Words are empty without action, and that’s a lesson many men have learned from their previous and current relationships. Many people have joined […] More

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    How to overcome shyness in a relationship

    Shyness can grip us in painful ways, making one think it’s a fixed part of their emotional makeup, and it usually extends far into one’s personality. Shy people often think shyness is something they’re incapable of eliminating. They have a hard time meeting new people and always cancel invitations, which hurts their social life, including […] More

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    5 ways to be irresistible to women | How to attract a woman

    How to be irresistible to women: Some men always seem to get what they need even without breaking a sweat. They seem to have a flair for good luck that attracts everything they need, including women. There’s something beyond physical looks and social status that attracts people to them. You don’t need to have a […] More

  • female orgasm and squirting

    Female orgasm and squirting, everything you need to know

    Orgasm and squirting: Here’s all you need to know in order to understand female orgasm and squirting. Talks surrounding squirting are usually controversial and awkward for most people. However, having such discussions is one of the best ways to demystify the myths associated with squirting and orgasms in women. To understand squirting, we first need […] More

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    Five mistakes to avoid when dating

    It is common to make mistakes while dating. Society has a lot of single people desperate for a shot at love. It’s often jokingly said that the population of single people is enough to form a whole country, complete with its own ruling system and defense forces. The presence of single people could be a […] More

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    Sex mistakes men make and how to avoid them

    Sex is a unique pleasure that perfectly integrates the use of the body and mind. In his book, The Psychology of Romantic Love, J.P. Tarcher says the profound importance of sex lies in the intense pleasure it offers human beings. As a form of intimacy, sex helps spark passion between couples, making them more committed […] More

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    Five reliable signs he really loves you

    What are the signs showing he loves you? Knowing how someone feels can be a tricky thing to gauge, especially when it comes to romantic feelings. It’s an issue that runs on the back of many women’s minds. A man who loves you will send out certain signals. As a lady, identifying these signals enables […] More

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