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  • female orgasm and squirting

    Female orgasm and squirting, everything you need to know

    Orgasm and squirting: Here’s all you need to know in order to understand female orgasm and squirting. Talks surrounding squirting are usually controversial and awkward for most people. However, having such discussions is one of the best ways to demystify the myths associated with squirting and orgasms in women. To understand squirting, we first need […] More

  • Dating

    Five mistakes to avoid when dating

    It is common to make mistakes while dating. Society has a lot of single people desperate for a shot at love. It’s often jokingly said that the population of single people is enough to form a whole country, complete with its own ruling system and defense forces. The presence of single people could be a […] More

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    Sex mistakes men make and how to avoid them

    Sex is a unique pleasure that perfectly integrates the use of the body and mind. In his book, The Psychology of Romantic Love, J.P. Tarcher says the profound importance of sex lies in the intense pleasure it offers human beings. As a form of intimacy, sex helps spark passion between couples, making them more committed […] More

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    Five reliable signs he really loves you

    What are the signs showing he loves you? Knowing how someone feels can be a tricky thing to gauge, especially when it comes to romantic feelings. It’s an issue that runs on the back of many women’s minds. A man who loves you will send out certain signals. As a lady, identifying these signals enables […] More

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    Five signs of an incompatible relationship

    The signs of an incompatible relationship: Many of us spend a good chunk of our lives looking for the ideal soul mate. What happens when we find someone? How do we tell they’re the right person to start a relationship with? While compatibility is not a guarantee of longevity, studies show that it is directly […] More

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    Seven habits that help build healthy relationships

    Relationships are one of the most critical aspects of our lives. According to Mental Health Foundation having good quality relationships can help us live longer and happier lives with fewer mental health problems. Having close, positive and healthy relationships can give us a purpose and sense of belonging. Healthy relationships are characterized by the perfect […] More

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    Top 6 reasons why women don’t like you

    No man likes facing rejection from women, but that’s what most men are being served with time after time. You can’t seem to get it right with the women you interact with. You’ve jumped into multiple relationships faster than Nairobians jumping past flooded pavements during rainy seasons. If you’re struggling to maintain meaningful connections with […] More

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    Five signs you are in a toxic relationship

    A toxic relationship may negatively impact your physical and mental health. It drains the life from you, destroying your self-esteem. Having a toxic partner can ruin your relationship experience, and it’s always advisable to walk away at the first sign of toxicity. It’s not entirely unreasonable to think that someone can change their toxic behavior. […] More

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    Six warning signs that your partner is cheating

    Cheating can be devastating in a relationship. Falling in love and being in a relationship with the same person is always an incredible feeling for most people. You enjoy the little things your partner does, how they walk, talk, and make you laugh. At this moment, one wishes their relationship could last forever. But trouble […] More

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    Campus dating, the ugly truths about campus relationships

    The ugly side of campus dating: Universities and colleges usually open a wide field of opportunities for people to explore and a diverse population to interact with. During childhood, most children are encouraged to study hard to get a shot at institutions of higher learning. So landing on campus is always a win for many […] More

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    Five foods that can help boost your testosterone levels

    Testosterone is a sex hormone found in both men and women that plays a vital role in the reproduction, growth, and maintenance of a healthy human body. It is largely considered a male sex hormone since men’s bodies have it in high levels compared to women, where they’re quickly converted into estrogen. In men, it […] More

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    Premature ejaculation, what it is, its causes and how to handle it

    Premature ejaculation is a plague to a man’s sex life. It attacks their sexual performance, which in turn affects their mental state and messes their overall well-being as a person. It’s a known fact that society is filled with men suffering from premature ejaculation. According to, 1 in 3 men suffer from premature ejaculation […] More

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