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  • Madam Boss Akothee warns against basing a relationship on lies (Photo: Akothee/Facebook)

    Akothee: Why you should never base your relationship on lies

    Akothee, a Kenyan singer and entrepreneur has strongly advised against basing a relationship on lies. In a post on her official Facebook Page, the famous Kenyan star said: “You win while lying to others, but you lose terribly by lying to yourself. If you start your relationship based on lies, you will have to keep […] More

  • Vegetables

    Recipe: How to prepare Tasty Vegetables

    Growing up I hated carrots, courgettes, many more vegetables too. Not so long ago that I started understanding the importance of these. I still may not chew them raw but, preparing them in such simple steps made me love my veges. Ingredients1 large carrot1 courgette1 clove garlic1/4 chilli cubeSalt Method Heat oil in pan to […] More

  • Egg

    Recipe: How to prepare Scrumptious Fried Egg

    The debate still ensues. Egg or chicken, which came first? Hahaha… Well, in my kitchen today, THE EGG! Here’s how to prepare this delicious meal. Eggs are a good source of protein and can form a part or a healthy balanced diet. They are quick and easy to prepare too! Ingredients1 egg1 large onion1 clove […] More

  • Plantain

    Recipe: How to prepare Tasty Plantain

    The most abundant nutrient in plantains is carbohydrate. Plantains are famed to be diuretic too and can help prevent kidney and bladder problems. With this in mind, let’s go bananas! Ingredients5 Green bananas2 onions2 tomatoes2 cloves garlicParsley1 cube chilliSalt Method Peel bananas and cut to preferred sizes. Fry onion in pan, add finely chopped garlic. […] More

  • Fried rice

    Recipe: How to prepare Ginger Fried White Rice

    Many have had complaints of how tough it gets to cook rice without it getting sticky or soggy. This low-fat complex carbohydrate food that is quickly digested and a perfect source of energy, should not stress anyone if prepared in these very simple steps. Ingredients1 Cup white rice11/2 cups water1 large onion½ tsp Ginger PasteSalt […] More

  • Turphy Achieng’ holds that personal success is sweet, fulfilling and drives you towards self-actualization

    Success is not sexually transmitted. Here’s the secret to success

    Success is not sexually transmitted. You will not automatically get success from your spouse who worked hard at school to get better grades and later struggled to find a well-paying job. You won’t get success sexually from your partner who has known what diligence, hard work, determination, persistence and sacrifice at work or through hustles […] More

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    Get to know the five Kenyan presidents and their achievements (if any)

    Kenya has had five presidents since her independence. In this article, I’ll give my opinion of their achievements. JOMO KENYATTAHe was an imposter who hijacked the struggle for independence. He is credited as the official inventor of corruption, the very Dracula that is suckling this nation to the marrow. The STF (settler transfer fund) was […] More

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    Media Council of Kenya condemns FKF attempt to gag media terming it illegal and unconstitutional

    The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has condemned Football Kenya Federation’s (FKF) move to bar some accredited journalists from covering FKF matches. In a statement dated Tuesday, December 14, MCK said FKF’s move was illegal and unconstitutional, and argued that complaints against media houses or journalists should be reported through the Media Complaints Commission. David […] More

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