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    Why we should stop killing future relationships

    A few weeks ago while scrolling through my Twitter feed, my attention was drawn to a certain YouTube podcast video. In the video titled ‘Teenage girls afraid of being in love, the female host appeared visibly shocked at the remarks of two of her female guests aged 19. The girls claimed they were tired of […] More

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    Tips on how deal with heartbreak and move on

    Heartbreaks are ordinary happenings in our society. It is an occurrence that floods our social media platforms frequently through posts and messages we read. Couples often separate for varying reasons. Heartbreaks are shattering and devastating to those affected. It leaves one in a state of despair and hopelessness. If not correctly handled heartbreaks could leave […] More

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    Does SIZE really matter for a Happy Sex Life?

    The perception by many people is that bigger equals better, but does size really matter? The issue of penis size is a contentious issue that has always elicited widespread debate whether a big size is a guarantee for sexual pleasure. Having a small penis size is an issue men do not feel confident talking about. […] More

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    Four ways for men to last longer in bed

    Sex is an essential need for relationships. Its significance was demonstrated by American psychologist Abraham Maslow who included it in the hierarchy of needs, as an excellent tool for promoting love and a sense of belonging. However, most men lack the stamina to prolong their stay in bed and fully satisfy their partners. Physical and […] More

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    Kenya’s President Kenyatta mourns Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh

    Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has sent a message of condolence to Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom following the death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. The Duke of Edinburgh, the longest-serving royal consort in British history, was at the Queen’s side for more than her six decades of reign. He died at […] More

  • Most relationships fail to blossom due to varying factors

    Why do relationships fail? Here are the main reasons

    Relationships fail for several reasons. Flower gardens can easily be compared to relationships. Just like flower gardens, relationships require a lot of time, effort and, commitment for them to blossom. Flowers are used in different settings to generate happiness, a vital element for any thriving relationship. A simple scroll through social media can reveal to […] More

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