Why NASA considers new IEBC contract to OT-Morpho fraud, theft and bribery

The National Super Alliance (NASA) has strongly opposed the new Ksh2.4 billion tender awarded to the French Technology firm OT-Morpho to provide electoral management system for the new presidential elections in October.

Musalia Mudavadi, Chairman, NASA National Campaign

Musalia Mudavadi, Chairman of the NASA National Campaign said the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and OT-Morpho signed the contract two days ago.

“The two have pulled another expensive fraud on Kenyan tax payers even before the IEBC and OT-Morpho can address numerous questions regarding irregularities and illegalities in the August 8 elections.”

He pointed that the new contract which was signed on 28th September is just about Sh1.4 billion less than the cost of similar IT services for the August 8 general elections.

The OT-Morpho was paid Ksh3.8 billion for the August elections involved thousands of candidates running for six different positions.

“The Ksh2.4 billion contract for an election involving only one position and two candidates is not only outrageous but an act of fraud, deliberate theft of public funds and bribery. Furthermore, we are aware the Ksh2.4 billion awarded sum is way above the Ksh800 million that the IEBC technical committee recommended,” Mr Mudavadi said.

The Chairman of NASA National Campaign said Kenyans could suspect that the hefty amount being paid to OT-Morpho was a bribe “for a shady job of using technology to tilt elections in favour of Jubilee in the same way it did last month.”

He added: “This is fortified by the fact that Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai and Treasury Secretary Mr. Henry Rotich approved the colossal sums. Of course, part of the huge sum may as well find its way to IEBC and senior government officials as commission as happened in the Chickengate scandal.”

Mr Mudavadi wondered why IEBC awarded the new contract to OT-Morpho yet the French government, its
shareholder was yet to respond to the issues NASA raised about the unethical conduct of the firm in Kenya.

“Until the French absolve themselves, the award further confirms that OT-Morpho is firmly part and parcel of a criminal enterprise that has hijacked the Kenyan electoral system with the sole aim of profiteering and frustrating the democratic ambitions of the people of Kenya,” Mr Mudavadi said.

Stressing that NASA strongly opposed what he termed “this criminality”, Mr Mudavadi asked the IEBC and OT-Morpho to explain to Kenyans how the figure was arrived at.

“We also demand that the Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai and Treasury Secretary Mr. Henry Rotich tell Kenyans on what basis they approved this fraud,” he said.

He added: “IEBC lacks good faith and is still hell bent on committing crimes against Kenyans in collusion with OT-Morpho. As this contract demonstrates, we cannot expect free, fair, credible and verifiable elections conducted in conformity with the Constitution and the laws of Kenya.”

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