Women more likely to have an affair with a neighbor on one condition

If you see your woman paying special attention to a male neighbor, you have a reason to be worried because women are more likely to cheat with a neighbor.

A survey by Victoria Milan, a premier infidelity website, revealed that unlike men, women are more likely to have an affair with a neighbor on the condition that it is just a one-night-stand.

The survey of 4,347 male and female cheaters revealed that men are far more cautious when it comes to cheating close to home. In fact 44% said it was just too risky.

The survey also revealed that men and women use different approaches when they decide to flirt with their neighbours. While a third of men say the best way to seduce your neighbor is to time outings so you bump into them, more than half of the women said they would tantalize their neighbor by leaving the curtains open while getting changed.

The study also revealed solidarity among cheaters. Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said: “Not one man or woman surveyed would inform the cheater’s partner without speaking to the cheater first if they suspected an affair. This shows an understanding among the cheating community. The majority of cheaters surveyed confessed they would take a little pleasure in knowing their neighbor had a dirty little secret,” Mr. Vedal said.

He added that the results showed women know what they want and how to get it.