Why a woman’s BUTT is not her greatest ASSet

Mack Major, an American author and Social Commentator has strongly been discouraging women from considering their BUTT their greatest ASSet.

He wants women to be aware that their BUTT is not their greatest ASSet. Unfortunately many women believe their BUTT is their greatest ASSet “and they will use it with the quickness to attract a man,” Mr Major writes.

He then points out why women who consider their BUTT as their greatest ASSet are wrong: “When a man is attracted to your butt, your butt is what he’s really after. And just like a kid with a new toy; once he’s done playing with your butt and the newness of it has worn off, he’ll be off to find his next plaything.”

Mr Major further points out that men generally lose interest in a new butt after around three months. “By then he’s already done any and every nasty, freaky thing to it he can imagine. The novelty of playing with it wears off,” he says.

And the moment a man loses interest in an old butt, a new one will already be available.

“When you do everything in your power to accentuate your derriere, trying to pull a man’s attention, you’re actually appealing to the child in him. You’re appealing to his low attention span, just like the new toy appeals to a kid,” Mr Major warns.

The author further warns that a woman who considers her body, especially her butt as her greatest asset is heading for a disappointment.

He wonders why many women place so much attention on their BUTTS and litte attention to their BRAINS. “Whichever you use to attract a guy is what he’ll want you for in the end,” he says.

Mr Major stresses that “a woman’s MIND is her greatest asset. Not her booty.”

He notes that “a depreciating asset is no asset at all.”

Reacting to those who hold that there are men who are willing to spend a fortune in order to play with a woman’s body, Mr Major says: “Just because a FEW men are willing to pay a woman just to play with her body does not mean her body is worth much at all. And let’s be honest: how many women do you know who are earning 68 millions from their bodies alone? Not many at all. Most strippers are broke party girls with no tangible assets, as are video vixens.”