What you should never do during an argument otherwise your wife will cheat on you

A man who looks at his mobile phone during an argument with the wife makes her want to cheat, a new survey has revealed.

A woman seems to be jealous of her partner’s mobile phone to an extent of feeling she is in second position after her partner’s mobile phone. This, according to the survey by Victoria Milan, makes them more willing to cheat.

Victoria Milan is a premier infidelity website for men and women who wish to have anonymous online affairs.

The site asked 6,254 of its cheating male and female members about the role technology plays in their steady relationships.

While 68% of women believe they take second priority to their partner’s Internet usage, most men don’t feel technology negatively impacts their primary relationship at all.

The survey however reveals that both men and women agree there are certain moments where their partner glancing at a cell phone could drive them to cheat.

Women claim they would go looking for another lover if men check their phones during an argument (33%) before going to sleep

At least 33% of women claimed they would go looking for another lover if their men checked their phones during an argument. It also emerged that 19% and 33% of women would cheat if their men checked their phones before going to bed or during a romantic dinner respectively.

Men are however unhappy if their women check their phones immediately after sex (24%), during a romantic dinner (18%) or at a special event (16%).

The survey also confirmed the important role technology plays in facilitating cheating with 70% of cheaters saying the internet is making cheating more possible than before.

Commenting on the survey, Sigurd Vedal, Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, said: “Both men and women strongly agree that technology makes cheating easier than before, and the majority of women assert that without it, it’s unlikely they’d be dabbling in adultery. However, while they commend it, women also claim it is negatively affecting their primary relationship. Like everything in life, technology has pros and cons.”