The sad thing a lady did after tricking my hubby into getting her pregnant

Juzi my hubby forgot his phone and I decided to snoop a little. I came across mpesa messages sent to one person and a thread of texts on the same number indicating my hubby had a child outside.

I was so furious until my hubby came and explained what happened. There’s this lady he met on a business trip, the lady actually approached my hubby, they became friends but after some time the lady began making sexual advances at my hubby which he declined and told her he was happily married.

But the lady insisted and begged my hubby to give her a child on condition that she would never bother him again. My hubby out of his kind nature decided to help the lady on condition that they’ll break all contact after that.

Kumbe the lady was trapping my man. When she got pregnant and gave birth she came back at my hubby demanding upkeep failure to which she threatened to sue him and tell me about it.

To save his reputation, my hubby had no choice but to give in. Just how desperate can some ladies be? Why would anyone take advantage of a man like that? Now my husband is being made to suffer for something he did out of a good heart, it’s very sad.

By Njeri Mwa