Tanzanian diva Ray C looking for a husband. Here are the 10 qualities he must have

Tanzanian musician Ray C (Rehema Chalamila) has revealed the qualities of her ideal husband.

The star posted the man’s qualities on her official Instagram account.

She started her post by making it clear that she was looking for a permanent husband ready to live with her forever. She also revealed that she would like to bear so many children with him.

She then proceeded to outline the man’s qualities.

(1) He must be gentle and able to comfort me when sad; (2) He should fancy Indian movies and play me interesting Indian songs when I am stressed; (3) He should not be talkative as I detest noise; (4) He should find me attractive in my current body size, not later on asking me to lose weight; (5) He should be able to cook when I am tired. I find that sexy; (6) He should at all times be with me, and if possible work together in the same office, doing the same job; (7) He should be patient as I have the tendency of shouting when angered; (8) He should not have many friends. If he wants to meet his boys he should do that with me by his side. I know men negatively influence one another in absence of their partners; (9) He should know all my songs by name; that will show me he truly values me.

Ray C ends concluded her post with 10th quality, which is quite strange and challenging: Her future husband must be ready to share the same phone and number with her. “We must use one phone and same telephone number. I see nothing wrong in this as the church teaches unity in marriage.”

Do you know any man out there ready to accept the above conditions? If so, please let him know so that he can contact the Tanzanian diva and try his luck.