Mia Mara Creations Unveils New Amazing Collection inspired by Kenya’s election year

Mia Mara Creations has released Linear Perspective, an amazing new collection of clothes inspired by the election year Kenyans have just experienced.

Lorna Abwonji, the Founder of Nairobi-based Mia Mara Creations told Meltingpot News that the new collection is named Linear Perspective because “objects and figures and space are re-created in a realistic manner through the use of intersecting lines drawn horizontally and vertically.”

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Explaining why the recent elections in Kenya inspired this new collection, Ms Abwonji said: “We tend to look at what divides us as Kenyans yet we should focus on the unifying factor which is what creates the beauty and cultural diversity that brings a richness to our country. We cannot do without each other, we each have something to bring to the table.”

All photos by Valerie Mwango (Photography Tafari)
Makeup Marilyn Wanjiru
Models: Pauline Ken, Rebecca, Jebet, Valerie, Winrose.

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Mia Mara Creations Linear Perspective


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