Polygamy – Why men just can’t be satisfied with one woman

I have pondered for long. Wherever you go on this planet, whichever continent, whichever race. Whichever economic class, whichever social standing. From the Amazonian native tribes to the Tswana Bushman. From Donald Trump to Baba Abby. From the shores of lake Turkana to the beaches of Malibu.

From biblical times to the age of Sci-Fi. They are all the same. Surely, it’s no coincidence. Surely, there must be a tentative reason why they are like this.

Men. Polygamous and lose in their pants. Men. Never satisfied with one woman. Men, always out for conquests and dominance.

Men. Animals.

Even they, define themselves with monikers from the animal kingdom. This is how they define their lustful gains.
“Jogoo”. ” Simba”. “The Bull of Auckland” “Fisi” “Top Dog”.

Women the world over cry over how men are all the same, and how men just can’t be satisfied with one woman, ever.
Is it true? Well. I have a theory.

In our early childhood education, we were taught that we, yes, humans, belonged in the animal kingdom as well, being mammals.

Evolution-ism have placed us squarely in the path of the age of the apes from the “Homo” family tree up until we became homo-sapiens.

What else did we inherit other than mammalian traits? Territorial-ism.

Territorialism begat a new trait whereby the dominant male species as a matter of lineage, had to sire new male offspring to pass down its gene pool, consequently killing off other males and their offspring or exiling them to find new territory. The Lion kingdom does this to date. As eons lapsed, and as man evolved into the being he is today, religion and moralism became a new addition into the wild native instinct.

But as you can tell, religion, moralism and civilization is not native to mankind, as it is an acquired state of being. It is learned. In church. In school. It is passed down as teachings by those who learned before. Religion and Education are accessories in life. They are not life itself, as life in the amazon forest, or life in the heart of the Serengeti can continue without such accessories. And males and females thrive in these societies, for millions of years, passing down basic instincts of human existence.

Monogamy, morality and civilization is not native to man. Neither is religion, modern education and technology.

The pursuit of a modern-day world, with its exploits such as Information Technology and revolutionary sciences have led to a strained resource pool from as basic as the setup of family which has made monogamous affairs not only economical, but viable.

So, man, has evolved his mind to accept monogamy as a state of being. However. His native polygamous instincts live in him and the acquired state of being such as Moralism, Education, Religion and Civilization of the Family come in handy to check his express need to philanderer.

Is he immoral to revert to natural basic wild instincts? Or has new state of being been applied to check his inbuilt desires of dominance, the reason he is classified as immoral?

In the same breath, due to that modernity and civilization of the modern mind, women have been empowered more than ever in history and their pursuit of self-reliance, education and esteem have seen them ’emasculated’ to know that they deserve sole attention as well. Dominance.

This dominant stature by today’s woman have played well to check the man’s need to revert to his basic instincts.

Men have evolved to protect, to dominate, to expand and to breed a lineage of descendants. Women have evolved to nurture, to inspire, to patch together the family and to raise the new generation of the man’s lineage.

These distinct traits have a clashing point in there somewhere. Modernity is the auditing mechanism that has pointed out the strains and that has stopped man in his tracks from philandering, polygamy, and being jogoo.

Add that with modern strains such as school fees, medical cover, food, clothing, shelter, land and assets and we have a cocktail of acquired states of being that out-date those instincts.

However, the theory that its embellished in a man’s DNA to be a polygamous species is led credence by observing all other male species in the animal and fish kingdom.

Since today’s man can’t walk tall by being a revered Bull, Or Simba, he will adopt a less dignified title such as Fisi. Or Dog.

Woman, dear woman. Don’t bash a man for being led by his inert basic instincts of being an animal. He’s not being immoral, he’s just being his wild self.

Since the parameters we use to judge are all acquired modernly, the best thing to do is, move on swiftly to a better educated, better nurtured, better raised and better-behaved Man. In our 3.5 billion cesspool of living males, surely, in there is a Prince charming deserving of your love and attention, tailored just for you.

By Kyrgitt