Ladies, your happiness, pride and confidence cannot depend on THESE THINGS

It so sad that a number of beautiful, wonderful ladies, are living with so much low self-esteem because either they don’t have the face of Beyoncé, or the body of Kim Kardashian, or the booty of Nicki Minaj.

Mr Eddy Brown

The world has created a standard of beauty that most of our uniquely beautiful ladies are struggling to fit in. And if they can’t do it with makeup, fake booty and body defining clothes, then they move around with self-esteem lower than Satan himself.

And so, their courage and confidence is ever shedding. There are some ladies, who, every time they go home in the evening, sigh with relief knowing they can finally be themselves, after hours of pretending to be someone else… only to wake up the next day and wear the mask of another person for another eight hours again. The struggle is real.

If God wanted you to be like anyone else, he would have made you like anyone else. The features that He wanted to look the same, he made the same… everything else, he made unique because they are not supposed to be like anyone else. Therefore, trying to measure your beauty, in comparison to someone else, will only get you frustrated. Belief me, there will always be someone with a better booty than yours. Someone’s face will always look smoother than yours. That dress will always look better on someone else. It’s how nature is.

Yes, look great, reshape your eyebrows if you want, get that bloody duster of 10mtre Brazilian hair if you want, buy that beautiful dress, dig a foundation on your face and apply all those beauty blenders… but do it with an understanding that you are unique and no matter how much mac powder you apply, someone will always slay better than you.

Your happiness, pride and confidence cannot depend on how deep your foundation is, are you a building?

Your beauty is unique. You are a special being. No one else is like you. If engineers were to make measurements of your hip line, it would be like no other hip line that ever existed. You better start celebrating your uniqueness. Be Thyself and enjoy thyself.

Use your makeup to make you up… not to make you into someone else. Walk with your head high knowing, “I am special, I am one of a kind, there is only one like me”… God did not create you to live your whole life trying to fit in, trying to be like everyone else. Be thou separated from among them… Enjoy you, celebrate you, and live comfortably with you. When all is said and done, only you remains and if you can’t be happy with you, the Ghosts of all those people you are struggling to look like will haunt you!!! Slay queens mumeskia???? Drops mic……

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By Eddy Brown

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