Kenyan woman’s shocking confession – How I cheated on my husband for so many years

A Kenyan woman has made a shocking confession about how she has been cheating on her husband for six years.

In her surprising story of cheating and betrayal shared on, the anonymous lady reveals how she has been caught up in triangle of love involving her innocent husband and generous married boss.

The lady’s confession seems motivated by suspicion that her husband could be aware of her affair. She is narrating her story to seek advice on what she should do.

Read the lady’s full story below

This guilt is killing me.

I love my DH very much, we met 6 years ago and we’ve been married for the last 2 years, the problem is that for those six years I’ve known him, I have always cheated on him, vuteni stool I tell you my story.

Fresh from college, I was lucky to land a very good job working as a personal assistant for a CEO in a multinational company here in Nairobi.

Salo and benefits no complains, a few weeks after I joined, my boss (a very good looking 56-year-old married man and father of 3 grown up kids), started acting different towards me, he started asking me out and showering me with expensive gifts.

At first it was really hard for me; I was torn between saying yes and keeping my job or saying no to him and losing my job. I chose the former, after all I was completely single and he was a good looking guy, it was obvious he was addicted to the gym because he had a body a 21 year old man would die for.

He was so gentle and kind to me (he still is to this day), he made me feel like I was the only woman on the planet, he helped me furnish my apartment, bought me a car and gave me a huge weekly allowance just to pamper myself, in return I took care of all his needs, sexual or otherwise. I was there for him 24/7.

Met my DH through a mutual friend approximately two years after I begun working, it was sparks and fireworks at first sight, I knew instantly we were meant for each other. Soon we started dating, at the same time I was still taking care of my boss’s needs.  Before long I got used to having two wonderful men in my life, I loved my boyfi (now my DH) and I felt indebted to my boss, also felt some affection for him.

When it came time for us to get married, I had to inform my boss, I expected the worst to happen, I would loss my job and I was ready for that, but to my surprise my boss was totally happy for me, he even offered to pay for our honeymoon, a one week stay in a 5 Star hotel at the Seychelles.

Naturally the sexual relations with my boss were over as I was now a married woman, or so I thought, but I was wrong, very wrong. The day I returned to work after my honeymoon we were at it again that evening, this time in his office, I had missed his gentle touch and when he approached me I could not resist, but the guilt that followed when I got home to the arms of my husband was enormous.

I have been living with this guilt for a long time, I cannot break the ties with my boss, I’ve tried but I just can’t do it, on the other hand the guilt is killing me, I have even gone to the lengths of trying to catch my DH cheating, managed to crack all his passwords, Phone, Tablet and laptop but I have come out empty handed, my hubby is as white as snow, I thought it would make me feel less guilty if I found out he was also cheating, but woe unto me.

Don’t know what to do, any of you ladies got an idea that would help me out?

Just found out on Monday that am paged, I know it’s by my dh, but I have some doubts, that’s what has prompted me to share this with you all, the guilt is now worse than before, I do not have any idea what to do, the pain in my heart is unbearable.

What would you advice the lady to do?