Infidelity: Top 10 reasons why single women go after married men

Many married women usually complain that single women are after their men. Yes, married men are very attractive to single women.

Single women are crazy for married men. Seemingly there many things that married men are more likely to provide than single men

A research by Victoria Milan, an extramarital dating site has revealed that single women are likely to go after married men because of particular qualities they cannot find in single men.

From the women registered on the extramarital dating site 41% are married, 28% have a stable relationship and surprisingly 29% are single women looking for some adventure with an attached man. The remaining 2% prefer not to reveal their current relationship status.

According to the single women surveyed, the top ten things that married men are more likely to provide than single men are:
• ‘More excitement’ (17%)
• ‘Better sex’ (14%)
• ‘More experience and self-confidence’ (12%)
• ‘No demands or expectations’ (11%)
• ‘The challenge of taking someone else’s man’ (10%)
• ‘No families involved’ (9%)
• ‘True appreciation of attention and efforts’ (8%)
• ‘Luxury and eroticism’ (8%)
• ‘No strings attached’ (6%)
• ‘The thrill of sin’ (5%)

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the results show that people always want what they can’t – or aren’t supposed to – have.

“Our female members tell us that extra-marital affairs are not about the challenge of sleeping with a married man, the freedom of no-strings-attached or expensive gifts and dinners,” Mr. Vedal said. “This is purely about having a great time with someone looking for the same thing: excitement, sex and a level of experience to make it great.  It just so happens that married men are more likely to have these qualities than single men.”

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