Very important dating advice for ladies from a man who cares

The following are dating tips from a man who wants to keep ladies safe.

1. Note that there are many guys out there who just want to use and dump you. Don’t just accept a guy because he is a fine boy. I know that some of you girls easily fall for handsome guys. The devil is also handsome. So be careful.

2. I also know that you ladies can easily be deceived with sweet words and sweet lies. You ought to be wise. Do not allow sweet words move you. Don’t believe a guy’s sweet words until he proves it to you beyond reasonable doubt.

Ladies warned to be careful with men they are dating

3. Be very careful if a guy says: “I love you, I cannot do without you”, “I will die for u”, “I can’t survive without you”. Those words are not true. NO GUY CAN DIE FOR YOU IN THIS OUR PRESENT GENERATION. It is a fact. Don’t let anyone deceive you.

4. Don’t open your legs because he said he loves you. Don’t open your legs because he gave you a ring. Don’t open your legs because he promised to marry you.

5. Respect your body. Your body is more precious than money. Don’t trade your body for money.

6. Dating and relationship is NOT because of sex. If he cannot wait till wedding night, let him go. God will provide a real man for you.

I know that some guys will be angry with me over this article. But I will keep saying the truth to save innocent souls.

Am I making sense?

By Joseph Vincent