How I discovered that my hubby had been forced to father a baby

On Sunday, a lady shows up in my house with a toi barely three months. On seeing her my hubby gets shocked and calls me aside.

That’s when he narrates to me how this lady coerced him into sleeping with her which resulted in that baby.

My hubby being a responsible man has been providing her with monthly upkeep money but the lady demanded he moves in with them failure to which she threatened to show up in my house.

Obviously, my hubby didn’t give in so she went ahead with her threat and after creating some nasty drama she left the baby.

What kind of a mother does that? My hubby has already been doing a lot for you, stop giving him more stress.

Mums and dads, if a month goes by without coming for her child can I say I have the right to raise her as my own?

Someone tell side chics to stick to their lane. Very few men are that responsible, so if you get one you better treat him well.

By Njeri Mwa

The sad thing a lady did after tricking my hubby into getting her pregnant