Success without succession is failure. Here’s a story that will transform your life


A man had only one daughter who was totally deformed. He tried to attract a man to her for marriage even if it meant buying a husband for her.

The father sent messages round town inviting all interested young men to come and compete in a test which would determine the lucky winner to marry his daughter.

On that fateful day of the competition, all was set; some able-bodied young men came out curiously. This rich man took the contestants to his swimming pool and addressed them: “Any of you who can swim from one end of this swimming pool to the other would marry my daughter. Incentive: I have set aside a sum of $5 million, a 4 x 4 car and a well-furnished house so they can start life well. I shall be waiting to meet my son-in-law at the other end. Good luck!”

The young men were very excited at the prospect of winning; many more were really motivated and joined the contest because they considered it worth dying for. As they started taking off their shirts, a helicopter came over the pool and dropped alligators and crocodiles into the pool.

Immediately, these men turned back and started wearing their shirts again. Disappointed, some of them said: ''That's crazy, let's see who would marry that girl, no one will."

All of a sudden, they heard a splash in the pool. GBAM! Everybody watched in amazement as one gentleman waddled across, expertly avoiding the alligators and crocodiles. He struggled for survival. Finally, he made it to the other side unhurt. The rich man couldn't believe his eyes that anyone would venture on such risk. He congratulated his son-in-law and asked him to name anything else he wanted apart from the original provision but the man was still panting uncontrollably.

When he eventually got back to his senses; he made a request saying: ''Show me the person who pushed me inside this pool!''

Lessons to learn from the story: 1) Do you know that you don’t really know what you are capable of doing until you are PUSHED either by someone or an event? 2) Those trying to push you into the jaws of the alligators and crocodiles may be helping you to reach your promised land as it was in the cases of Joseph and Daniel in the Bible. You can still make the most out of the rest of the YEAR 2015.

Sometimes it takes going through the bad moments to bring out the BEST in us. All things work together for good - not only good things but the bad, awkward and ugly situations and circumstances.

Therefore, trials are only raw materials for Triumphant and Testimonies... The PUSH may take different dimensions: some people needed to be SACKED before realizing their potentials and reaching their goals in life.

The Economic downturn is intended to reshape someone’s life and possibly push you from your point of stagnation to where God wants you to be. The brook dried up hence Elijah was taken to the home of the widow of Zarephath from an open forest to a house.

The rich man told the guy: “It doesn’t matter whether you were pushed or not; what is paramount is that the deed was done.”

All he promised and more were delivered to him and he experienced sudden transformation.

I pray you will get a divinely inspired push before this year runs out in Jesus’ name. Amen.

By Rotimi Oteniya, Pastor,
Divine Assurance Ministry, Bergamo, Italy. Tel: (+39) 320 7696790/ 351 0151155. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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