For how long can I stay abroad without losing my Italian Resident Permit?

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A foreigner living legally in Italy is free to travel abroad and return to the country before their Resident Permit (Permesso di soggiorno) expires.

It is however important to note that there are conditions to be observed before leaving and returning to Italy.

As long as the permit is valid, the holder can travel abroad and return to Italy without problems.

The permit holder must ensure they return to Italy before it expires in order to apply for renewal.

A permit valid for one year cannot be renewed if the holder has been away from Italy for more than six consecutive months.

In the case of a permit valid for two years, it is possible to apply for renewal if the holder has been away from Italy for a maximum period of one year.

To avoid problems, anyone planning to travel abroad should ensure that they observe the above deadlines.

It is however possible to apply for renewal of the permit if the holder has been forced by unavoidable circumstances to stay abroad beyond the period established by law.

Some of the reasons accepted are hospitalization; military duties; serious health problems of the spouse or a first grade relative; etc.

Before applying for renewal of the expired permit, the holder will be required to provide documents/certificates justifying their prolonged stay abroad. If such documents are issued in a foreign language, the holder will have to take them to the Italian Embassy/Consulate for translation and legalization.


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