Can a foreigner living illegally in Italy get married?

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All foreigners living in Italy can get married regardless of their legal status.

A few years ago the government tried to introduce a rule preventing irregular immigrants from getting married but it was ruled unconstitutional by the Court of Brescia in 2013.

This means that all, including irregular immigrants in Italy can now get married.

An immigrant who would like to marry in Italy is required to prove that they are not married. This is because polygamy is not allowed in Italy.

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Whoever plans to get married must produce Nulla Osta – the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage before being allowed to marry in Italy.

This certificate proves that the holder is not already legally married or in a civil union in their country of origin and therefore eligible to be married.

Most Embassies in Italy issue this certificate, so a foreigner who would like to get married can contact their Embassy for help.

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