Avril Kenya: Why it is important for every woman to feel beautiful


Music star Avril Kenya has been appointed the spokesperson of “I am Beautiful”, a campaign aimed at helping women realize that they are beautiful just the way they are.

The campaign also helps to raise awareness on self-confidence and self-esteem related issues.

Guru Rose Ntongondu, the “I am Beautiful” Campaign founder and Makeup Guru said: “Avril is the most confident and we believe she is the best person to help remind women that they are beautiful and should stay confident. Women are strong and valuable and it is our role as a society to help women realize and embrace their beauty and worth”

Avril Kenya said the campaign was inspiring. “Every woman wants to feel beautiful and be told that they are beautiful,” Avril said. “Not to be told what to change about themselves. I am humbled to be part of ‘I am Beautiful’ because I know the pain of being told that I don’t look the part and being self-conscious about things other people look at as flaws. Girls need to know they are fearfully and wonderfully made and to never forget it.”

The I am Beautiful Campaign is running on the social media platforms with the hashtag #IAmBeautifulAndIKnowIt

Check the campaign out: Instagram: @iambeautiful_international @theavieway –Twitter:@avrilkenya — Facebook: Avril_Kenya