Brescia hosts fundraising dinner for African Summer School


Dinner to raise funds for African Summer School will be held in Brescia on 14th June 2015.

The dinner being organised by MEDIA FOR PEACE, will be held at Ristorante Pizzeria I SILVANI,  Via Triumplina, 86, 25123 Brescia.

African Summer School is an annual intensive one-week resident training course organised by Africasfriends Association.

Apart from fighting stereotypes about Africa by portraying a true image of Africa and Africans, the course also aims at helping Africans in Italy, Italians and other Europeans acquire basic business skills to create innovative businesses either in Africa or in Italy.

All the businesses created must focus on promoting African products.

African Summer School directed by Fortuna Ekutsu Mambulu also helps students learn African geopolitics, cultures and history.

The funds raised will enable students in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad to attend the African Summer School online. Difficulty in obtaining visas for African students made the organisers settle for this option.

This year’s African Summer School will be held at Villa Buri, in Verona from 26th July to 5th August.

Don't forget to register for the dinner titled “Una Pizza per l’Africa” (Pizza for Africa) by clicking here

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Una Pizza per l’Africa
Una Pizza per l’Africa