Cases of babies and toddlers being raped have tremendously increased

This video warns parents, guardians, teachers, doctors, police, child minders, and all that the cases of babies and toddlers being raped have tremendously increased.

The Girl Child Network Worldwide (GCNW), the producers of the video say they have received many cases of parents struggling to deal with post trauma rape of their children.

“Never leave babies and children with strangers. Check for any signs of pain around any part of their bodies. As soon as you notice anything just don’t count whether to report or not. Just go to the nearest police close to you and ask for a medical form,” GCNW say. “Never let a rapist get away with it. If you do you would have betrayed defenseless children. Report to police.”

“Let the next parent be aware anyone can rape a child. Don’t trust children to anyone. Trust children to yourself,” says Muzvare-Princess Betty Makoni, the Founder of GCNW.