VIDEO: Rumba star Prezda Igwe Bandason praises faithful women in “Tina Nyamoli”

Here’s “Tina Nyamoli”, a love song from Kenya’s Rumba star Prezda Igwe Bandason.

“Tina Nyamoli” is a song praising the qualities of a girl who is not only faithful but also respects her man. She is unlike other women who only cheat on their men, waste their time, and go up and down selling love.

Prezda Igwe Bandason also known as Wuod Alego, is a fast rising music star in Kenya. His fusion of Rumba and Benga, and ability to sing in Lingala, Swahili and Dholuo make his music appeal to a cross section of people.

Commenting on his songs, one of his fans once said they are amazing, “the beats are very smooth, captivating and  comforting especially after a day’s hard work.”