Nahna releases new song on role of phones in long distance relationships

Nahna, a Kisumu based artist has released a new love hit and video titled “Baby Gochna” meaning Baby Call Me.

This is a song about a lover telling their partner to call them because they miss each other since they live quite a distance from one another.

The lovers miss each other so much that all they can do to shorten the distance is listen to each other’s voice.

Lovers in long distance relationships whose only form of communication is through calls, messaging or video calls can easily identify with this lovely track.

“Baby Gochna” was inspired by how people use phones, how they complain about network problems and how quick they are to ask to be called back.

Nahna’s genre of music is Afro fusion with a touch of Dholuo, Kiswahili and English.

She previously released a hot video titled “Paro” that was produced by the legendary Ulopa Ngoma.

The Dance moves in “Baby Gochna” were choreographed by Yawa Dancers and Stepper Wolves Dancers.

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